Four Easy Ways To Connect With Your Angels And Spirit Guides



Many people believe we all have angels and spirit guides that watch over us every day, sending us messages of hope and encouragement. These guides can be assigned to us before birth, whilst others will come to us when we are in need.

If you’re going through tough times, you may be wondering how you can best connect and communicate with your spirit guides and heed their messages. Here are four easy methods with helpful tips for recognizing when and how to communicate with your angels and spirit guides.

1. Meditation

Through meditation we are able to center ourselves and quiet our minds, making it much easier to form a connection with higher realms of existence. Meditation may seem daunting to those who haven’t tried it before, however it gets easier with practice. All you need is yourself and a quiet room.

Find somewhere you feel safe and get comfortable. Breathe deeply to clear your mind of day-to-day stressors and find a place of calm. Let any thoughts or feelings pass through your mind.

When you feel ready, turn your attention towards communicating with your spirit guides. Acknowledge their existence and thank them, even if you are unsure of their presence, and send your intentions to communicate. Be patient as you learn how to feel the presence of your spirit guides around you.

2. Automatic Writing And Journaling

These two special spiritual practices allow you to maintain a tangible connection between yourself and your guides.

While in a meditative state, automatic writing enables you to put pen to paper and let the words from your guides flow through you, since you are not in control of what you are writing. This allows you to receive messages from your spirit guides in physical form.

You can also use your journal to note down any signs and messages you receive from your spirit guides. By writing down what you know about them in your journal, you are keeping a record that you can study to gain understanding about your connection with them.

3. Be Present In The World

Our angels and spirit guides love to leave signs in the world for us to notice, such as messages through sequences of numbers like 1111 or 333. If you are not present and aware in your day-to-day life, you will miss these signs from your guides. Have you ever been having a really bad day, turn on the radio, and your favorite song is on? This isn’t a coincidence! Your spirit guides are sending you support and love. Similarly, if you frequently notice flashes of light, color or movement out of the corner of your eye, don’t discount it; take notice. Spirit guides have many ways of trying to attract your attention. Sometimes a feather is just a feather, but the one that draws your attention does so for a reason. Take a moment and pay attention. Jot it down in your journal if you keep one, or store the memory for the next time a feather draws your attention.

4. Prayers

Praying is simple and effective way to connect with your guardian angels and archangels. If you are in need of advice and help, reach out to your spirit guides through prayer.  If you are praying to archangels, it can be helpful to work with color and light. All archangels are linked to a specific color. For example, the archangel Rafael is linked with the color green. So, if you are praying to Rafael, have a green crystal nearby or light a green candle to strengthen your focus. Speak your prayer out loud for even stronger connection between yourself and the angel realm. Allow yourself to feel the vibration of the universe going out and coming back within you.

Grace Wilson is a freelance writer specializing in self-help and metaphysical knowledge. 

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