Gardening A Beautiful Life


Photo©Judy Luca

I was working in my garden pulling weeds yesterday so my beautiful flowers could grow, and it reminded me of life. You have to pull the weeds — the things you don’t want to grow in your life — out of your mind, so the things you do want to grow have the best place to flourish. You have to tend to the garden you are growing in your mind.

I often think of life as gardening. I love my gardens: the variety of color, flowers, trees and vegetables; the diversity of birds, bees and butterflies that visit. Everything adds its unique and special gifts to the garden. It truly is a magical place filled with beauty and peace, but if I didn’t tend to it, nurture it, and pull the weeds, it wouldn’t be so magnificent. There would be confusion and chaos, and the weeds would choke the flowers and vegetables, and eventually kill them.

If you want to experience the splendor and grace that life can offer, you must consistently tend to your thoughts. You must pull out the weeds whispering, “Life is difficult,” “I’m not good enough,” “I’m not worthy,” “things never work out,” or any other negative disempowering thoughts and beliefs you hear repeated in your mind. Negative thoughts create confusion and chaos in your life.

Instead, you must nurture and give energy to the thoughts that empower and inspire you. Thoughts like “I am abundant,” “I am worthy of all the good life has to offer,” “The universe supports me,” “Life always rewards me,” are positive empowering thoughts that create the perfect environment for you to blossom and grow in.

There is an energy that flows through and around all things, including you. It is the divine energy of love, light, joy, abundance, creativity and peace. You can be open and receptive to this energy or closed off by fear and negativity. If you allow yourself to live amidst a garden of weeds in your mind without a conscious effort to remove and replace them with the fertilizer of empowering thoughts, you become inundated by mental negativity, and you will find yourself living in fear and limitation.

You must consciously pull the weeds from your mind, rise above fear and reach out to surround yourself with as much positive reinforcement as you can. In order to reach your full potential and experience all the wonder and magic life has in store for you, nurture your mind with thoughts, books and people that inspire you and give you a grander vision. Feed your mind with uplifting information and fill it with positive thoughts, affirmations and images. As you nourish your mind in this way, you will find that the life you create is a magnificent, delightful garden filled with all the beauty and richness of life.

Judy Luca is a life coach, Reiki Master and author with over 25 adult and children’s books to her name, inspiring people from around the world. Visit

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