Good New Headlines 4/2/19

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‘People Will Wonder Why We Didn’t Do This Sooner’: New York Becomes Second State To Ban Plastic Bags

by Olivia Rosane, EcoWatch

The decision was part of a $175.5 billion budget agreement that included other progressive measures including the elimination of cash bail for most misdemeanors and non-violent crimes, three-hours-off on election day for voting and the nation's first-ever congestion pricing program in the busiest part of Manhattan… Read More



Navajo Nation Council Ceases Efforts To Acquire Coal-fired Power Plant In Arizona

by Ashley Curtin, Nation of Change

A coal-fired power plant in Arizona will most likely be taken offline and close completely at the end of the year after the Navajo Nation voted against the acquisition of the plant… Read More



FTC Shuts Down Four Major Robocall Operations

by AJ Dellinger, Engadget

The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced today that it shut down four separate robocall operations responsible for placing billions of illegal robocalls… Read More



Hundreds Of Austin’s Homeless Now Have A Permanent Place To Stay With New Project

from KTLA News

Community First! Village is built and run by the nonprofit Mobile Loaves & Fishes to lift the most chronically homeless off the streets and into a place they can call home… Read More



McDonald’s Says It Will Stop Lobbying Against Raising The Minimum Wage

by Leo Shvedsky, Good Magazine

Who wants to eat at McDonald’s? If you answered “yes” you can feel a whole lot less awkward if you’re in the company of those who care about earning a living wage… Read More



Ban On Single-use Plastic Items Approved By European Parliament

by Bianca Britton, CNN

The law, which was supported by 560 Members of the European Parliament against 35 on Wednesday, stipulates that 10 single-use plastic items will be banned in order to curb ocean pollution… Read More



Federal Judge Strikes Down Girls-Only School Dress Code As Unconstitutional

by Sam Fulwood III, ThinkProgress

Parents argued successfully that it was unfair to force their daughters to wear skirts that limited their ability to move freely at the charter school… Read More


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