Good New Headlines 4/23/19

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Sniffing Pleasant Odors Shown To Decrease Cigarette Cravings

from Good News Network

Deliberately inhaling a pleasant aroma may be enough to reduce the urge to light up, at least temporarily, and could be used as part of an effective smoking cessation strategy… Read More



Bees Living On Notre-Dame Cathedral Roof Survive Blaze

from BBC

Notre-Dame’s smallest residents have survived the devastating fire which destroyed most of the cathedral’s roof and toppled its famous spire… Read More



Critically Endangered Kākāpō – The World’s Fattest Parrot – Has Record Breeding Season

by Eleanor Ainge Roy, The Guardian

Just 147 adult kākāpō are alive today in their native New Zealand, but scientists hope their fortunes are turning around… Read More



Equal Waves, Equal Pay: World Surf League Closes Its Gender Pay Gap

by Alana Glass, Forbes

This historic announcement marks the World Surf League as the first and only US-based global sports league to offer equal prize money and among the first internationally… Read More



After 4 Years Being Married To Herself, Read This Woman’s Inspiring Reflections On Committing To Self-Love

from Good News Network

For the ceremony, the 40-year-old woman wore a vintage gown with a bouquet of sunflowers as she stood before her friends and family and promised to love, honor and obey herself… Read More



71-Year-Old Heart Study Gets $38 Million Grant For Another 6 Years

from The Associated Press/WBUR

The study, which dates to 1948, has been responsible for numerous breakthroughs, including smoking’s contribution to heart disease risk and the benefit of physical activity and the risk posed by obesity… Read More



These Tree-planting Drones Are Firing ‘Seed Missiles’ Into The Ground. Less Than A Year Later, They’re Already 20 Inches Tall.

by Leo Shvedsky, Good Magazine

Technology is the single greatest contributor to climate change but it may also soon be used to offset the damage we’ve done to our planet since the Industrial Age began… Read More


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