Good News Headline 2/11/20

Jerry Skinner
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Rain Could Extinguish Australia’s Wildfires By The End Of The Week

by Michelle Gooden-Jones, NBC News

Torrential rain swept across Australia’s east coast over the weekend after years of drought — putting out two of the biggest and longest-burning bushfires in the country’s populous region of New South Wales… Read More



The Surprising Altruism Of Babies

by Sigal Samuel, Vox

Infants will give away food to a stranger even when they’re hungry, a new psychology study finds… Read More


Peta Donates 200 Fur Coats Handed Over In Protest Against Animal Cruelty To Afghan Families In Need

by Chantal Da Silva, Newsweek

With the growing awareness around animal cruelty in recent years, shoppers have increasingly turned away from fur products, as more and more companies come on board with the cruelty-free movement… Read More



Utah Enacts Ban On ‘Conversion Therapy’ For Minors

by Bethany Rodgers, The Salt Lake Tribune

Utah has officially enacted its ban on so-called conversion therapy for minors, becoming the 19th and most conservative state so far to prohibit the discredited practice… Read More



Scientists Find Half The World’s Fish Stocks Are Recovered—Or Increasing—In Oceans That Used To Be Overfished

by Andy Corbley, Good News Network

In the most comprehensive review of fisheries’ management and fishing management on a per region basis, to date, an international team of researchers concluded that fish stocks are mostly increasing in these world waters… Read More



Revolutionary Recycling? A New Technology Turns Everyday Trash Into Plastic Treasure.

by Jim Morrison and Shoshana Kordova, The Washington Post

UBQ says it has succeeded where others have failed, creating a radical technology that transforms garbage into the raw materials for plastics manufacturers and earns them a profit in the end… Read More



Dementia Friendly Dance Class Improving Lives

by Rebecca Kitchen, KOLO

From the cha cha to the waltz, dance is a part of human nature. At Ballroom of Reno, they are proving just how beneficial it can be… Read More


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