Good News Headlines 1/1/19

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Abused Wolves And Troubled Teens Find Solace In Each Other

by Gloria Hillard, WBUR

For many of the teens who find their way here, Wolf Connection’s Youth Empowerment Program is their last chance; they have been kicked out of school, or have been in gangs or in and out of foster homes… Read More



Life Expectancy In Massachusetts Rises, Bucking National Trend

by Colin A. Young, State House News Service via The Worcester Telegram

The average life expectancy for Massachusetts residents rose in 2016, an increase that stands in contrast to national trends showing declines in how long Americans can expect to live… Read More



9 States Sue ‘Flat-Out Wrong’ Trump Administration Over Seismic Blasting in Atlantic

by Lorraine Chow, EcoWatch

A coalition of attorneys general from nine states added their clout to a South Carolina-based lawsuit against the Trump administration to block seismic airgun blasting off the Atlantic coast… Read More



Ballet For Special Children

from CBS News

For the last four years the New York City Ballet has offered a series of workshops for disabled youngsters. Siblings are welcome, too… Read More



Africa’s First All-Female Anti-Poaching Team Gives Abused Women A Chance To Become Badass

by Ryan Morris, Good News Network

Being an African park ranger is typically a profession dominated by men, but an all-female team of wildlife rangers is now challenging both the stereotypes and the hunters who threaten endangered species… Read More



Turning Michelle Obama’s ‘Becoming’ Into A Class Curriculum For Black Girls

by Kandia Johnson, Black Enterprise

Lauren Christine Mims hopes the Becoming curriculum will make space for black girls to thrive in a world that often seems to try and deny their humanity… Read More



A Frugal Social Worker Left $11 Million To Children’s Charities In His Will

by David Williams, CNN

Alan Naiman was known for his frugality — he wore Costco jeans, bought his favorite pocket T-shirts at a grocery store and squirreled away every penny he could… Read More



Animal Activists And Staff From Slaughterhouse Eat Vegan Christmas Meal Together

from Good News Network

As a means of reaching out to each other across idealogical barriers, animal rights activists joined together with slaughterhouse workers to sit down and share a vegan Christmas feast earlier this week… Read More



Why Paper Books And The Independent Bookstore Aren’t Dead

by Starre Vartan, Mother Nature Network

It wasn’t that long ago that everyone was predicting the end of print and the demise of small bookstores. Turns out all those dire predictions were wrong… Read More



Pets Of Domestic Violence Victims Will Now Be Protected Under Law

by Opheli Garcia Lawler, The Cut

The PAWS Act will expand existing federal protections for domestic violence victims to include their pets, and will establish a federal grant program to assist victims in finding safe shelter for their animals… Read More


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