Good News Headlines 1/16/18


The Movement To End The Use Of Wild Animals In Circuses Secures Its Biggest Win Yet

by Wayne Pacelle, AlterNet

The movement to end the use of wild animals in circuses secured its biggest win yet, with New Jersey lawmakers, in the waning days of their lame-duck session, voting nearly unanimously yesterday to ban almost all wild animal acts in the Garden State… Read More



Walsh Declares Boston Day Of Solidarity With Haiti

by Kristin Toussaint, Boston Metro

On the anniversary of the 2010 Haiti earthquake and after the president reportedly criticized the Caribbean country, Mayor Walsh declared that Boston stands with Haiti… Read More



Boston Receives $26M In Federal Funding To Help The Homeless

by Kristin Toussaint, Boston Metro

In 2015, Mayor Marty Walsh launched an action plan to end chronic and veteran homelessness by 2018, and in October of last year, he specifically launched efforts to prevent and end youth homelessness in the city… Read More



New Algae Fuel Cell Packs A Punch

by Megan Treacy, Treehugger

This new technology, called a biophotovoltaic, is able to harvest the energy in sunlight to produce electricity like a synthetic solar cell, but using organic materials… Read More



Guerrilla Artists Are Cleverly Covering Swastikas On The Street With Art

by Kelly Richman-Abdou, My Modern Met

While most street artists employ blank walls as a means to communicate their messages, Ibo Omari has opted for a slightly different approach… Read More



Instead Of Firing Illiterate Employees, Company Teaches Them How To Read

from Good News Network

When a company in Brazil was keen on solving some issues with cleaning the office workspace, the manager asked the janitors how much time they were spending in each room – and this simple question changed their lives… Read More



High-Tech Companion Aims To Fight Isolation Amongst The Elderly

from Good News Network

To help the elderly with loneliness, social isolation and depression, an Israeli company, Intuition Robotics, created a robot called ElliQ designed for older adults… Read More



These Floral Sculptures Pay Homage To The Humble Beauty Of Insects

by Kimberley Mok, Treehugger

Montreal-based Japanese illustrator, artist and designer Raku Inoue is one of these insect-curious individuals who are creating works that might motivate us to look at bugs in a new light… Read More


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