Good News Headlines 1/19/16

Photo: Rising Tide Seattle
From left to right, the Delta 5 are Patrick Mazza, Mike LaPoint, Abby Brockway, Liz Spoerri and Jackie Minchew.


No Jail Time For Delta 5 In Historic Case That ‘Welcomes Jurors To Climate Movement’

by Nadia Prupis, Common Dreams

Activists who blockaded an oil train in September 2014 will not face financial restitution claims or jail time… Read more



Activists Are Celebrating As The World’s Biggest Ivory Market Officially Closes Its Doors

by Jon Comulada, Upworthy

Hong Kong Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying announced plans to "phase out" ivory sales in the city… Read more



The People Win Over Shell In Fracking Water Withdrawal Case

by Sandra Steingraber, EcoWatch

A small band of citizens from the Village of Painted Post (pop. 1,842) defeated the plans of fossil fuel behemoth Shell Oil… Read more



Giant Calving Icebergs May Slow The Pace Of Climate Change

by Tim Radford, Climate News Network/Truthdig

Giant icebergs drifting northwards could be responsible for storing up to a fifth of all the carbon that sinks into the south polar waters… Read more



Leo DiCaprio Shares Award For ‘Best Actor’ With Indigenous People

from EWAO

In his acceptance speech, Leonardo diCaprio paid tribute to indigenous people as well as their lands around the world… Read more



Nestle, Pepsi Fined For Concealing GMOs As Campbell Soup Announces Voluntary Label

by Lorraine Chow, EcoWatch

As the food fight over genetically modified food rages on in the U.S., six major food manufacturers—including Nestle, PepsiCo and Mexican baking company Grupo Bimbo—have been slapped with fines by the Brazilian Ministry of Justice for concealing the presence of GMOs in their products… Read more



Record Number Of 2015 Organ Transplants Is ‘Testament To Generosity Of Americans’

from Good News Network

Organ transplants performed in the United States for the first time exceeded 30,000 in a single year, according to a report from the branch of the US Department of Health and Human Services that oversees national organ transplantation policy… Read more



FDA Takes Steps To Ban Chemicals In Pizza Boxes

by Dan Nosowitz, Modern Farmer

In a curious case in which a petition to the government actually succeeds in achieving its aims, the FDA entered into the Federal Registry a final rule that will, barring any weird complications, ban a few chemicals commonly used in pizza boxes and other food packaging… Read more