Good News Headlines 1/21/20

Miyoko And Ericka


The Dairy Revolution: Vegan CEO Working To Help Dairy Farmers

by Samantha Skinazi, FoodTank

Why would a vegan cheese company want to reach across the aisle to help the competition?… Read More



A Health Breakthrough That Depends On People, Not Drugs

by Jay Walljasper, YES! Magazine

Meet the system stewards, people from every walk of life who improve Americans’ well-being by tackling the deeper causes of disease and despair… Read More



How One Utah Community Fought The Fracking Industry — And Won

by Tara Lohan, EcoWatch

A sign at the north end of Kanab, Utah, proclaims the town of 4,300 to be “The Greatest Earth on Show.” It’s a rare case of truth in advertising… Read More




China Moves To Phase Out Single-Use Plastics

from Reader Supported News

China is stepping up restrictions on the production, sale and use of single-use plastic products, according to the state planner, as it seeks to tackle one of the country’s biggest environmental problems… Read More




Florida To Purchase 20,000 Acres Of Everglades Wetlands To Protect From Oil Drilling

by Veronica Stracqualursi, CNN

Ron DeSantis, a Republican, called it the largest wetland acquisition in a decade and said the purchase will permanently save these lands from oil drilling… Read More




Gut Bacteria Could Guard Against—and Even Reverse—Parkinson’s Disease, Says ‘Exciting’ New Study

from Good News Network

Building on previous research linking brain function to gut bacteria, this study in a Parkinson’s model of roundworms, identified a probiotic—or so-called “good bacteria”—which prevents the formation of toxic clumps that starve the brain of dopamine, a key chemical that coordinates movement… Read More



Washington State Moves Closer To Clean Cars With Key Electric Vehicle Bills Advancing In Legislature

from AP News 

The Washington State Legislature is moving swiftly to create a cleaner transportation system, with potentially enormous impacts on demand for gasoline, the state’s biggest source of carbon emissions… Read More


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