Good News Headlines 1/26/16

photo via Brian Fischer


Australian Farmer Creates An Amazing Solution To Fight Erosion

By Dan Nosowitz, Modern Farmer

In the state of South Australia, wind erosion is a huge problem, exacerbating droughts and making farming exponentially more difficult. One farmer came up with perhaps the prettiest solution we've ever seen… Read more



The Supreme Court Just Blocked The Harshest Abortion Ban In The Country

by Tara Culp-Ressler

The Supreme Court won’t allow North Dakota to implement a law that criminalizes abortion after just six weeks — a point before many women even realize they’re pregnant — in a move that effectively blocks the harshest abortion ban in the country… Read more



‘Huge Victory’: Walmart Illegally Fired Striking Workers, Judge Rules

by Nadia Prupis, Common Dreams

In a "huge victory" for workers, a National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) judge ruled Thursday that Walmart illegally fired 16 associates who took part in a 2013 strike outside the company's headquarters and must offer to reinstate them… Read more



Non-profits Can Now Raise Money Through Solar Power Thanks To SunRaising

by Michael Graham Richard, Treehugger

The idea is simple: Non-profits can sign up to the program, and when a supporter signs up for solar through the referral program, the non-profit gets money ($200) and the supporter gets their first month at no-charge… Read more



Major Hospital Chain Terminates Lease With McDonald’s 10 Years Early

from EWAO

Allina Health, which is a nonprofit healthcare group in Minnesota and Wisconsin has decided to terminate its association with McDonald’s by removing its sugary drinks as well as fried foods… Read more



Denmark Just Set Yet Another World Record For Wind Power

by Cole Mellino, EcoWatch

Denmark produced 42 percent of its electricity from wind power in 2015. That’s the highest figure recorded to date worldwide and 3 percent higher than the record Denmark set for wind production in 2014… Read more



Pearl Jam Just Did Something Wonderful For The People Of Flint

by Tom Cahill, U.S. Uncut

Legendary rock band Pearl Jam is coming through in a major way for the people of Flint, Michigan… Read more



Number Of Uninsured Latino Children Hits All-Time Low In U.S.

by Terry Turner, Good News Network

A new report credits the Affordable Care Act (ACA) with reducing the number of uninsured Latino children in America to an all-time low… Read more



State In India Goes 100% Organic, Protects 75,000 Hectares Of Land From GMOs

from EWAO

There have been over a few thousand hectares of land that have started and have already converted to pure 100% certified-organic farms in India… Read more



The Olympics Just Became Much Friendlier For Transgender Athletes

by Lindsay Gibbs

Transgender athletes will no longer be required to undergo gender reassignment surgery in order to participate in the Olympics, according to documents obtained by Outsports on Thursday… Read more



This Winter, An Imam Is Offering Shelter To Stray Cats In Istanbul

by Naila Kelani

Imam Mustafa Efe has invited all cats to take shelter from the cold in Aziz Mahmud Hüdayi mosque this winter, and they’re taking him up on it… Read more