Good News Headlines 1/28/20

Jeff Hitchcock Cc Flickr
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A view of Chief Mountain in Montana. The mountain is on the northwestern border between the Blackfeet Nation and Glacier National Park.


The Blackfeet Nation Is Opening Its Own National Park

by Samantha Weber, High Country News

Members of the Blackfeet Nation want tourists to understand how the story of Glacier National Park is really the story of their nation… Read More



Unknown Saviors Of The Environment: Thirty-five Men Create A Forest From Barren Land

by Gurvinder Singh, Mongabay

Prinson Daimari is overwhelmed with pride every time he visits the lush green forest with birds’ nests perched on the treetops inside the Bhairabkunda reserve forest in Udalguri district of Assam in North East India… Read More



Students Are Returning To Indian School After It Transformed Two Old Train Cars Into Vibrant Classrooms

from Good News Network

The government-run Ashokapuram Primary School noticed student numbers were dropping, and they suspected it was due to a lack of properly permanent school buildings… Read More



Ashes To Bricks: Philippine City Helps Others Rebuild After Volcano

by Adrian Portugal, Reuters

A Philippine city shrouded in ash from the nearby Taal volcano has turned adversity into an opportunity to help neighboring towns hit by the natural disaster… Read More



Broad-spectrum Solar Breakthrough Could Efficiently Produce Hydrogen

by Loz Blain, New Atlas

A new molecule developed by Ohio State University scientists can harvest energy from the entire visible spectrum of light, bringing in up to 50 percent more solar energy than current solar cells, and can also catalyze that energy into hydrogen… Read More



Hingham Boy Making Clay Koalas To Raise Money For Australian Wildlife

by John Monahan, Boston 25 News 

Some ideas start off small and, in this case, at a young age. A 6-year-old Hingham boy concerned about koalas impacted by the Australian fires is using his heart and his hands to help… Read More



One Less Thing To Worry About In Your Carbon Footprint: Whether Your Food Is Local

by Lloyd Alter, Treehugger

There are lots of good reasons to buy local, but don't worry about the impact of shipping. While it might make sense intuitively – after all, transport does lead to emissions – it is one of the most misguided pieces of advice… Read More


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