Good News Headlines 1/3/17

© Michael Nichols, National Geographic


Game Changer For Elephants: China To Ban Ivory Trade By End Of 2017

by Elly Pepper, NRDC

China will begin phasing out registered legal ivory processors and traders by March 31, 2017 and shut down its legal commercial ivory trade completely by December 31, 2017… Read More



There’s Hope: Fewer Teens Are Doing Drugs Than Ever Before

by Karen Weintraub, USA Today

American teenagers are the best behaved they’ve ever been — drinking and smoking less and doing fewer drugs than their predecessors in more than 40 years of tracking… Read More



Costa Rica Ran Almost Entirely On Renewable Energy In 2016

by Maria Gallucci, Yahoo! News

Renewables supplied about 98.1 percent of Costa Rica's electricity for the year, the Costa Rican Electricity Institute (ICE) said in mid-December. Fossil fuels provided the remaining 1.9 percent… Read More



Muslim Women Catch Up To – And Even Surpass – Male Counterparts In Education

by Story Hinckley, The Christian Science Monitor

In Qatar for example, the richest country in the world, 51 percent of young female adults have a higher education, compared with 34 percent of their male counterparts… Read More



Uber Driver Saves 16-Year-Old Girl From Sex Trafficking

by Brian Latimer, NBC News

For Uber driver Keith Avila, Monday's shift in Sacramento, California started out like any other — but ended with him helping save a 16-year-old girl from child sex trafficking… Read More



This Woman Offered To Pay For All Adoptions At An Animal Shelter

by Duncan Strauss, The Washington Post

When Sacramento real estate agent Kim Pacini-Hauch visited Gina Knepp, the director of that city’s Front Street Animal Shelter, she had no inkling she’d soon make a decision that would dramatically alter the shelter’s fortunes… Read More



U.S. Citizens Are Protecting Twice As Much Land As The National Parks

by McKinley Corbley, Good News Network

The United States prides itself on the beauty and expanse of our national parks – but although thousands of acres of precious American wilderness are protected by the National Park Service, a new census shows that private citizens are protecting twice as much land… Read More



‘Friendship Benches’ Alleviate Mental Illness Symptoms For Thousands

from Good News Network

Their office hours are spent on simple wooden seats, called Friendship Benches, on the grounds of mental health clinics around Harare and other major cities in Zimbabwe… Read More



Healing The Homeless With Grow Good

by Mackenzie Marcotte, Food Tank

Grow Good began as a source of fresh produce for the neighboring Salvation Army shelter but has grown to represent something else for the shelter’s residents, many of whom require long-term rehabilitation before re-entering the workforce… Read More


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