Good News Headlines 1/5/16

photo from Zanzibar Butterfly Centre Facebook page


How Zanzibar’s Butterfly Farmers Are Saving The Environment

by Aarian Marshall, Good Magazine

Charcoal is big business in Zanzibar, the East African archipelago off the coast of Tanzania. The World Bank estimates that 90 percent of the region’s energy needs are met through the burning of charcoal… Read more



10 Coolest Eco Products Of 2015

by Cole Mellino, EcoWatch

EcoWatch featured many innovative products this year that help consumers reduce their impact on the Earth… Read more



Massive City Park Revitalized In Crime Area Of Philadelphia

from Good News Network

A Philadelphia man is leading the charge to reclaim an 86-acre city park that had become overgrown with weeds and trash while becoming a haven for crime… Read more



This New Coffee Business Is Helping Silicon Valley’s Homeless Help Themselves

by Naila Kelani, Good Magazine

Silicon Valley is notorious for its class disparity; the same areas known for their booming tech businesses and extravagant wealth also maintain some of the highest rates of homelessness in the country… Read more



Hawaii Surprises Gay Veterans With The Wedding Of Their Dreams

by Chloe Fox, Huffington Post

The state's tourism industry is finally trying to position itself as a destination for same-sex couples… Read more



New Year Brings Minimum Wage Hikes For Americans In 14 States

by Eric M. Johnson, Reuters/Reader Supported News

As the United States marks more than six years without an increase in the federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour, 14 states and several cities are moving forward with their own increases, with most set to start taking effect on Friday… Read more



Wind, Solar Power Soaring In Spite Of Bargain Prices For Fossil Fuels

by Joby Warrick, The Washington Post/Reader Supported News

Wind and solar power appear set for a record-breaking year in 2016 as a clean-energy construction boom gains momentum in spite of a global glut of cheap fossil fuels… Read more


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