Good News Headlines 10/17/17


These Young Entrepreneurs Are Building An App To Fight Lunch Shaming

by Mikhail Klimentov, The Renewal Project

By helping donors ‘pay it forward,’ these teens are working to ensure that no student goes hungry… Read More



Lexington Company Helps Restore Cell Service In Puerto Rico

by Lisa Mullins and Lynn Jolicoeur, WBUR

Vanu Inc. makes cellular base stations, with the goal of helping the 1 billion people around the world who don’t have cell service get connected… Read More



Student Organizers Win Transgender Equality Battle In Maryland

by Tod Perry, Good Magazine

Last month, the students of the schools in Frederick County, Maryland, returned to a more inclusive educational environment thanks to the hard work of 17-year-old James van Kuilenburg… Read More



Puppies Rescued From Puerto Rico Will Soon Be Up For Adoption In Massachusetts

by Kristin Toussaint, Boston Metro

As Puerto Rico continues to reel from the devastating Hurricane Maria, New England shelters are rescuing animals from the island, including the MSPCA, which just recovered eight dogs, including five puppies… Read More



Texas Inmates Pool Funds To Donate $53,000 For Hurricane Harvey Relief

from Good News Network

Some people might just write off these 6,600 inmates as criminals – but they are still trying to help their hurting home state of Texas… Read More



Climeworks Joins Project To Trap Carbon Dioxide In Rocks

by Tien Nguyen, Chemical & Engineering News

The Swiss company Climeworks has launched a pilot plant in Hellisheidi, Iceland, that can capture carbon dioxide directly from the air to be pumped into underground rock formations, effectively locking the greenhouse gas away for good… Read More



Gucci Takes A Stand Against Animal Fur

by Dhani Mau, Fashionista

It’s the latest in a growing group of luxury brands to make the fur-free commitment… Read More


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