Good News Headlines 10/23/18


Political Rivals Stun Voters With Unexpected Duet

by Steve Hartman, CBS News

This highly competitive race took a dramatic turn recently. It happened during their debate, when the candidates asked for a few extra minutes at the end to do something together… Read More



The Nun Who Has Saved Thousands Of Lives From Violence

from Daily Good

Moved by the destitution she first witnessed as a child in India’s cities and inspired by Mother Teresa’s side-by-side work with the poor in Kolkata, Sr. Lucy spent much of her youth wondering what she could do to end inequality and the violence she saw resulting from it… Read More



Justice Department Expands Tribal Police Help, Calling It ‘Right Thing To Do’

by Carrie Johnson, WBUR

The information-sharing program is a rare example of the Trump administration building on an effort that launched during the Obama years… Read More



No More Shrinking Seats: New Law Will Set Standards For Airlines

by Emily Volz, NBC 10 News

On Friday, the president signed the Federal Aviation Administration Reauthorization Act, which includes a provision called the Seat ACT… Read More



Obamacare Prices Are Set To Drop For The First Time In 2019

by Tod Perry, Good Magazine

For the past two years, the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as “Obamacare,” has slowly gained in popularity among Americans. Most recent polls show that 50% of Americans approve of the healthcare bill and 40% disprove… Read More



If You Care About Climate Change, You Should Stop Eating Meat

by Rich Barlow, WBUR

Clearing dead animals from the freezer couldn’t be more urgent, after the U.N.’s recent warning that deflecting climate change will require altering the global economy in a way with “no documented historic precedent.”… Read More



Our Top 6 Podcasts To Help You Live A Planet Loving Life

from 1 Million Women

Use your daily commute for good and plug into one of these environmental podcasts… Read More



Denmark Wants Food Labels To Include Environmental Impact

by Casey Quackenbush, Time

In an effort to better inform consumers of their environmental footprint, Denmark wants to start labeling food with stickers that list the product’s impact… Read More



Growing Up Surrounded By Books Could Have Powerful, Lasting Effect On The Mind

from Good News Network

If you grew up in a household that had its fair share of book shelves, it might say something positive about your personality now that you’re all grown up… Read More


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