Good News Headlines 10/27/15


Poetry In Motion: Power Plant Will Use Ocean Tides To Power 155K Homes

by Terry Turner, Good News Network

This planned power plant in Wales may look like the Guggenheim Museum but its benefits far outweigh the beauty: it will use the rise and fall of ocean tides to generate enough renewable electricity to power 155,000 homes for 120 years…  Read more



U.S. Breast Cancer Guidelines Catch Up With The Rest Of The World

by Anna Almendrala, Huffington Post

Women should begin screenings for breast cancer at 45, rather than 40, and should get yearly screenings only for the first decade, according to new mammography guidelines from the American Cancer Society…  Read more



Rare Veto Keeps Obama's Options Open For Closing Gitmo

by Dan Froomkin, The Intercept/Reader Supported News

President Obama broke his cycle of empty veto threats over Guantanamo on Thursday, sending a defense authorization bill back to Congress with a defiant message: “Let’s do this right.”…  Read more



Wendy’s Says No To GMO Apple

from Center for Food Safety

Wendy’s, which sells apple slices in its kids’ meals, confirmed in an email to Friends of the Earth that it has no plans to sell Arctic® apples…  Read more



This Company Just Gave 6 Months Of Paid Leave To New Moms, Dads, And Gay Couples

by C. Robert Gibson, U.S. Uncut

While President Obama and other elected officials are pushing for a paid leave law that requires businesses to give new parents time off with their new baby. But one business isn’t waiting…  Read more



For First Time, Canada's Indigenous Flex Their Electoral Muscles In A Big Way

by Dylan C. Robertson, The Christian Science Monitor

For decades, many of Canada's Aboriginals have viewed voting in federal elections as something foreign. But that changed this year, as a newly galvanized community made their voices heard…  Read more



Vets For Bernie: Why The Most Anti-War Candidate Has Many Military Supporters

by Zaid Jilani, AlterNet

Sanders' career in Congress has been living testimony to the fact that opposing wars but supporting our soldiers are not mutually exclusive goals…  Read more



New York City Plants One Million Trees, Reaches Goal 2 Years Early

by Terry Turner, Good News Network

In 2007, former Mayor Michael Bloomberg launched an initiative to plant a million trees in 10 years. This week, officials reached their goal — two years ahead of schedule…  Read more



Pope Francis Opens New Homeless Shelter In The Vatican

by Amanda Girard, U.S. Uncut

The Vatican’s proposal is part of Pope Francis’ attempt to raise the profile of homeless persons…  Read more


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