Good News Headlines 10/29/19

Forrest Galante


If You Think All Hope Is Lost For Wildlife, You’re Wrong

by Forrest Galante, Good Magazine

Even though I don’t think for a single second that we should downplay the severity of extinction, if we can flip this on its head and show that every once in a while a species we have given up on is actually still out there, hanging on by a thread against all odds, that is a story that deserves to be told… Read More



In This “Biorecycling” Factory, Enzymes Perfectly Break Down Plastic So It Can Be Used Again

by Adele Peters, Fast Company

The process lets any plastic—say a polyester shirt—be recycled into any other plastic (like a clear water bottle). It could fundamentally change the market for recycling… Read More



The House Passes A Bill That Makes Animal Cruelty A Federal Felony

by Lauren M. Johnson and Cole Higgins, CNN

The PACT Act — which stands for Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture — was approved by the House on Tuesday. The bipartisan act, introduced by Florida congressmen Ted Deutch and Vern Buchanan, will revise a previous law passed in 2010… Read More



Magic Mushrooms Are A Powerful Way To Treat Depression, Addiction, And Anxiety

by Tod Perry, Good Magazine

A study published in Science Direct found that psilocybin is very effective at reducing symptoms in people with treatment-resistant depression… Read More



More Than 200 Homeless Seniors Will Have Tiny Houses Of Their Own After Donations Pour In

from Good News Network 

Earlier this week, the Housing First Community Coalition (HFCC) announced that it had successfully raised the funds for its new 17-acre Towne Twin Village community that will provide housing and support services for seniors in San Antonio experiencing long-term homelessness… Read More



Female Suffragettes Memorial Will Mark Central Park’s First Statues Of Women In History

by Michele Debczak, MSN

The original design only featured suffragettes Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony, but following accusations of whitewashing, it was changed to include African American abolitionist and women’s rights activist Sojourner Truth… Read More



Cincinnati Med Students Open Free Health Clinic For The Uninsured

by Kelly Rippin, WLWT5

In between classes, exams and coffee-fueled clinics, Caroline Hensley noticed a void that needed to be filled — health care for the uninsured. Determined, she brought her vision to life with the opening of a free health clinic called The Healing Center… Read More



A Homeless Shelter In Texas Opens Its Doors To Asylum-Seekers

by Andrea Asuaje, WBUR

For some migrants who’ve just been granted legal entry into the U.S., it’s difficult to know exactly where to begin their new chapter. But for thousands of asylum seekers, that place is Good Neighbor Settlement House in Brownsville, Texas… Read More


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