Good News Headlines 10/8/19

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TripAdvisor Ends Ticket Sales To Attractions That Breed Or Buy Dolphins And Whales

by Tariro Mzezewa, The New York Times

The policy is the latest addition to TripAdvisor’s 2016 animal welfare policy, which ended sales of tickets to experiences where travelers have physical contact with captive wild animals, such as elephant riding and tiger petting… Read More



Ocean Cleaning Device Succeeds In Removing Plastic For The First Time

by Jordan Davidson, EcoWatch

An enormous floating device designed by Dutch scientists for the non-profit Ocean Cleanup successfully captured and removed plastic from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch… Read More



How To Make Friends When You Travel, According To Solo Travelers

by Kelsey Borresen, HuffPost

Advice on how to meet people on a trip, whether you're traveling solo or on vacation with friends… Read More



Vegan Fashion Brand Creates Leather From Apples To Cut Down On Plastic

by Liam Gilliver, Plant Based News

The Toronto-based brand says it avoids using polyvinylchloride (PVC) – which is commonly used to make faux-leather – due to it being ‘extremely detrimental to the.’… Read More



Drought-Proof ‘Cooling Houses’ Use Saltwater And Cardboard To Grow Tons Of Healthy Produce In The Desert

by McKinley Corbley, Good News Network

Researchers from the UK-based Seawater Greenhouse company have discovered a drought-proof way to farm fruits and vegetables simply by using solar power and saltwater for irrigation and cooling… Read More



It’s About To Get A Lot Easier To Repair Old Appliances In The EU

by Jon Porter, The Verge

It’s hoped that the new right-to-repair rules will benefit both individuals and the planet… Read More



Local Magnet Fishermen Pull 11K Pounds From Spokane River, Sell Scrap For Kids In Need

by Kyle Simchuk,

By turning their talent into profit, a local group of metal fishermen plans to help children in need, and set a new world record in the process… Read More


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