Good News Headlines 10/9/18


Stunning Photos Depict Migrants ‘As They’d Rather Be Seen’

by Malaka Gharib, WBUR

Many of the images we see of refugees, migrants and immigrants portray them as burdens on society or victims of oppression. A new photo show, Another Way Home, offers a different narrative… Read More



These Powerful Sexual Harassment PSAs By David Schwimmer Are Must-Sees.

by Robbie Couch, Upworthy

Actor David Schwimmer was so disturbed by a video series a friend sent him a few months ago, he knew he had to do something… Read More



This Man Used His Motorcycle To Rescue 166 Abandoned Cows

by McKinley Corbley, Good News Network

This biker loves cows so much, he has taken it upon himself to rescue cows that have been abandoned on the street – and he does so using his motorcycle… Read More



UK’s First Air-Filtering Bus Launches In Southampton

by Matthew Taylor, The Guardian

The Go-Ahead Group unveiled the Bluestar bus in Southampton on Thursday claiming that the new filtration system attached to the top of the vehicle will clean the air as it moves around the city… Read More



New 3D-Printed Algae Could Revolutionize The Way We Make Things

by Nicole Jewell, inhabitat

Plastic waste is clogging landfills and strangling the earth’s waterways – but thankfully, green design is here to save the world… Read More



How This Psychologist Is Making Therapy More Accessible For Black Millennial Women

by Dominique Fluker, Forbes

Passionate about changing the stigma surrounding mental health issues and therapy which often prevents black women from taking the step of seeing a therapist, Dr. Bradford aims to alleviate the process of seeking relief for mental health-related issues within the black community… Read More



This 19-Year-Old Will Make History As The Youngest State Legislator In Wisconsin

by Ricky Riley, Blavity

To put it into perspective, Kalan Haywood Jr. just went to prom a year and a half ago… Read More



Memorial Is Dedicated In Back Bay To Rosie’s Place Founder

by Laura Crimaldi, Boston Globe

Rosie’s Place founder Kip Tiernan fought poverty and injustice in words and deeds, using her command of language to open people’s eyes to the suffering of the poor and society’s duty to heal it… Read More



Mass. Tech Awards Saga Ends With A Female Executive Winner

by Callum Borchers, WBUR

Akamai Chief Marketing Officer Monique Bonner took home one of the top three executive awards given out by the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council Wednesday night, after women were initially left off an all-male list of nominees… Read More


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