Good News Headlines 11/12/19



California Tribe Regains Part Of Ancestral Homeland

by Felicia Fonseca, Associated Press/Christian Science Monitor

The city of Eureka, California, returned more than 200 acres of land to the Wiyot Tribe that both community and tribe members have worked to heal… Read More



Barrier To Stop Plastic Waste From Reaching The Sea Launches In Amsterdam

by Jordan Davidson, EcoWatch

The Great Bubble Barrier, an innovative start-up, teamed up with the Amsterdam municipal government and the regional water board to launch their device last week in Amsterdam's Westerdok Canal, at the tip of city's historic canal belt… Read More



Microsoft Japan’s Four-day Work Week Boosted Productivity By 40 Percent

by Marc DeAngelis, Engadget

On top of more productive workers, the company reported fewer requests for paid time off and fewer resources being used… Read More



Seoul Ends The Slaughter Of Dogs For Meat

by Jemima Webber, Live Kindly

Seoul’s mayor, lawyer Park Won-soon, and the Seoul Metropolitan Government campaigned for more than a year for the city to become dog slaughter-free… Read More



Italy Will Require Kids Learn About Climate Change In School Starting In 2020

by Heidi Lux, Good Magazine

Beginning in September 2020, all students will receive 33 hours a year of lessons on climate change and environmental sustainability, which is about one hour per school week. But that's just to start… Read More



Nurse Adopts Man With Autism So He Can Have A Heart Transplant

from Today

Jonathan Pinkard wasn't eligible for the procedure because he didn't have a support system… Read More



Less Plastic, No New Clothes And Plant-Based Diets: How 3 Women Cut Their Carbon Footprints

from 1 Million Women

There's an endless amount of actions we can take to curb the impact we have on the planet…Read More



New York City Bans Foie Gras

by Katherine Martinko, Treehugger

 The French luxury food has long been a target for animal rights activists who are concerned about the cruelty inherent in the production process… Read More


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