Good News Headlines 11/14/17

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The ‘Pangolin Men’ Are Protecting The World’s Most Trafficked Mammal

by Good News Network

Pangolins may not be very good at protecting themselves, but that is why they have a team of men who are dedicated to watching over them… Read More



Boston Public Library To Offer Homeless Outreach Program

by Jordan Frias, Spare Change News

A Pine Street Inn employee has been asked to take the lead on helping the homeless crowd that congregates in and around libraries across the city and has begun his role at the public library’s main branch in Copley… Read More



Some Of America’s Wealthiest Tell Congress To Raise Their Taxes, Not Cut Them

by Rebecca Shapiro, HuffPost

In a letter first reported by The Washington Post on Sunday, more than 400 of America’s wealthiest citizens are asking congressional Republicans to reconsider tax reform legislation that would dramatically lower taxes for corporations and the rich… Read More



In Welcome Move, No Circus In India Can Now Make Wild Animals Perform Tricks

by Shashank Shekhar, India Today

The days of elephants standing on two legs or balancing themselves on beach balls to entertain India’s circus enthusiasts are over… Read More



Halloween Candy For Heroes! — A Great Use Of Your Extra Halloween Candy

by Brad Aronson, Good News Network

A great use of that Halloween candy is to remind our troops that they’re not forgotten! You can thank our troops, make someone’s day, share your candy, and even get a tax deduction… Read More



With A Tiny Garden, Franciscan Children’s Hospital Finds Therapeutic Power In Plants

by Lisa Mullins and Lynn Jolicoeur, WBUR

The garden came to be this past summer. The hospital’s food service director was eager to make more fresh meals from scratch. The herb supply comes from the garden… Read More



More Women Are Buying Green Beauty Products

by Katherine Martinko, Treehugger

Three out of four Millennial women say buying green products is important. For women between 35 and 54, 69 percent chooses green products, and this number has increased by 10 percent from last year, a notable gain… Read More


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