Good News Headlines 11/19/2019

Magee Womens Hospital
Photo via UPMC Magee-Womens Hospital Facebook page


Pittsburghers Celebrate World Kindness Day By Honoring Mister Rogers

by Rick Dayton, KDKA2

Each bundle of joy in the maternity ward at Magee-Womens Hospital was decked out in a hand-crocheted red sweaters in honor of Fred Rogers… Read More



Veterans Are Finding Lasting Peace After Taking These Free Journeys Into Nature For Months At A Time

by McKinley Corbley, Good News Network

With countless US ex-service members struggling to readjust to civilian life following their deployment, more and more veterans are finding unparalleled success in alternative forms of rehabilitation and therapy… Read More



Scientists Develop Sensor To Save Children And Pets From Hot Car Deaths

from CNN Wire/Fox 43

The device uses radar technology and artificial intelligence to trigger an alarm when an animal or child is detected alone in a vehicle, with the team behind the product saying it works with 100% accuracy… Read More



Teen Girl Invents Simple, Yet Innovative Way To Remove Blind Spots In Cars

by Sasha Lekach, Mashable

She built a prototype system with a webcam, projector, and 3D-printed materials to fill in the space the car frame blocks from drivers. No more missing information. Simple, yet elegant… Read More



Keys To Recovery: Artist Creates Sculpture Using Keys From Camp Fire Victims

by Brendan Weber and Matt Ulrich, NBC San Diego

The ‘Ridge Key Phoenix’ sculpture features keys from people who lost homes, cars and businesses in the deadliest and most destructive wildfire in recorded California history… Read More



Meet The Airport Therapy Pig Hogging All The Attention At San Francisco International Airport

by Genevieve Shaw Brown, Good Morning America

Lilou isn't your average pig. She's spreading smiles to harried travelers everywhere as the world's first airport therapy pig… Read More



This Start-Up Wants To Make It Easier To Help Others With Your Holiday Spending

by Mary Hui, The Washington Post

Cullen Schwarz has long pondered a simple question: What if, each time we opened our wallets, the world became a slightly better place?… Read More



Ebola Vaccine Approved In Europe In Landmark Moment

by Helen Branswell, Scientific American

The approval of Merck’s vaccine comes after decades of research aimed at preventing the deadly disease… Read More


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