Good News Headlines 11/21/17


From Terrifying To Terrific: Man Redesigns MRI Machine To Delight Children Instead Of Scare Them

from Good News Network

For industrial designer Doug Dietz, witnessing the trauma of the young patients was more than he could bear. He first saw the horror it caused one child when he designed an MR scanner for the University of Pittsburgh Hospital… Read More



Australia Votes ‘Yes’ To Same-Sex Marriage

by Ben Westcott and Lucie Morris-Marr, CNN

Celebrations broke out across Australia after a two-month national postal survey came out “overwhelmingly” in favor of legalizing same-sex marriage… Read More



Rideshares Give Back, And Help You Pay It Forward, This Thanksgiving

by Kristin Toussaint, Boston Metro

Thanksgiving is a time to sit around a table full of food with your family, stuffing yourself with so much stuffing that you might need bigger pants — but it’s also about giving back and helping out those who may not be as fortunate… Read More



Cat Declawing Officially Banned In Denver

from CBS Denver

Veterinarians call declawing a major and often painful surgery. The procedure is an amputation of a cat’s first knuckle. The ban outlaws the procedure in Denver unless a surgery was medically necessary… Read More



3D-Printed Human Skin Models Will Help End Animal Testing

by Katherine Martinko, Treehugger

Carolina Catarino is a young Brazilian scientist who just won a Lush Prize for improving lab-grown skin models… Read More



Marijuana Could Be Huge For Treating HIV

by Steven Blum, Vice

From inflammation to lowering levels of the virus itself, a current study hopes to demystify pot’s benefits for those living with HIV… Read More



Want To Live Longer? Get A Dog

by Victoria Larned, CNN

The benefits that come with owning a dog are clear– physical activity, support, companionship — but owning a dog could literally be saving your life… Read More



Exercise Keeps The Brain From Shrinking As We Age

by Melissa Breyer, Treehugger

The average brain shrinks by approximately five percent every decade after the age of 40; but aerobic exercise significantly helps maintain volume, says new study… Read More


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