Good News Headlines 12/11/18


In World First, Luxembourg To Make All Public Transportation Free

by Lorraine Chow, EcoWatch

Luxembourg is about to become the world’s first country to make all its public transportation free under the new government’s efforts to curb traffic congestion and benefit the environment… Read More



Missouri City Elects First Woman, Black Mayor

by Todd Ackerman, Chron

Missouri City voters Saturday elected Yolanda Ford as their next mayor, the first woman and African American ever selected for the city’s highest office… Read More



Massachusetts Bald Eagle Population On The Rise

by Sarah Luoma, Metro Boston

After nearly becoming extinct in the 1950s, Massachusetts bald eagles are slowly but surley making a comeback following three decades of efforts made by MassWildlife to see the national bird thrive once again… Read More



After Spending Time Behind Bars, This Ex-convict Became A Fantastic Example Of The Power Of Second Chances.

by Tod Perry, Good Magazine

An ex-convict’s inability to find gainful employment after being locked up is one of the biggest causes of recidivism… Read More



Contemporary Women’s ‘The Wing’ Will Open Boston Location

by Amelia Mason, WBUR

Inspired by the women’s social clubs that flourished in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, its stated mission is “the advancement of women through community.” Membership is open to women and non-binary individuals… Read More



Planned Parenthood Wins Major Victory As Supreme Court Declines To Hear Funding Case

by Brendan Morrow, The Week

Louisiana and Kansas had passed laws preventing their citizens from using Medicaid for Planned Parenthood’s services that aren’t related to abortions, such as ultrasounds… Read More



After Worst California Fire And Mudslides Last Year, Santa Barbara Celebrates Christmas With Boat Parade Of Lights

from Good News Network

In 2017, the 31st annual Parade of Lights was canceled due to toxic air quality and evacuations during the Thomas Fire, so this year residents flocked to the seaside to watch boats lit with Christmas lights parade down the beaches, as if rising from the ashes… Read More



Abandoned Coal Mines Could Be Future Of Farming

by David Grossman, Popular Mechanics

Deep farms would have advantages that current land-based farms lack, including a controlled climate uninfluenced by weather and no need for expensive farming equipment… Read More


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