Good News Headlines 12/22/15


Animal Protection Laws Are Getting Better Across The Country

by Arin Greenwood, The Huffington Post

The United States is a country of pet lovers—and state lawmakers are taking notice… Read more



Price-Jacking PharmaBro Martin Shkreli Arrested By Federal Agents

by Rafi Schwartz, Good Magazine

Turing Pharmaceuticals CEO Martin Shkreli—whose decision to increase the cost of that company’s life-saving Daraprim medication by an astonishing 5,500 percent—was arrested by federal authorities early Thursday morning, reports Bloomberg… Read more



Top Restaurants Cook Up Gourmet Meals For Homeless In Milwaukee

from The Associated Press/Huffington Post

"These guys need nutrition to get their lives back, and to be able to go out on the street, find work, and get their health back."… Read more



Planned Parenthood Survives Paul Ryan's First Budget Deal

by Alex Zielinski, ThinkProgress/Reader Supported News

Three months ago, Republican members of Congress — including multiple presidential candidates — were threatening to shut down the government if the federal budget included Planned Parenthood funding… Read more



Latinos Live Longest Despite Poverty. Here’s Their Secret.

by Jasmine Aguilera, YES! Magazine

U.S. Hispanics who pass down a tradition of food, family, and healing are healthier. But can they sustain that as generations become more assimilated? Read more



Good News And Climate Change (Yes, You Read That Right!)

by Tom Engelhardt, Huffington Post

Excuse me if I take a flier today and write an introduction on the good news about climate change… Read more



A Small New England College Goes 100 Percent Solar

by Annika Fredrikson, The Christian Science Monitor

Hampshire College in Amherst, Mass., will soon be home to a 'living building' and become the only college generating 100 percent of its electricity from solar panels… Read more


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