Good News Headlines 2/16/16


Plus-Sized Yogi Can Rock Any Pose, Inspire Anyone To Love Their Body

by McKinley Corbley, Good News Network

Dana Falsetti was overweight and struggled with depression and binge eating–until she found yoga… Read More



California And Massachusetts Lead U.S. Solar Boom

by Alejandro Davila Fragoso, Think Progress

Solar energy is ballooning across the United States with California and Massachusetts leading the way, according to a Solar Foundation report unveiled Wednesday… Read More



Target Hits A Bull’s-eye By Offering Carts For Kids With Special Needs

by Elyse Wanshel, The Huffington Post

Caroline’s Carts, a shopping cart with an extra-large, forward-facing seat that's specially designed for kids and adults with special needs, is going to be available nationwide, reported… Read More



Couple Defers Dream Boat To Cover College Tuition For Entire Class

from Good News Network

Inspired by a sermon at church, attorney Marty Burbank and his wife gave up their dream of buying a boat and decided to put an entire elementary school class through college, instead… Read More



Game Change: Tesla And GM Announce Affordable, Long-Range Electric Cars

by Joe Romm, Think Progress

Two of the world’s leading electric vehicle (EV) producers say that they will soon deliver 200+ mile range EVs at a game-changing price of $30,000 or less — including tax incentives… Read More



Tony Robbins Swoops In To Stop Nuns’ Eviction From Their Soup Kitchen

by McKinley Corbley, Good News Network

Most people know Tony Robbins from his inspiring books, business talks, and infomercials on TV, but now the motivational speaker is lending a helping hand to three humble nuns on the streets of San Francisco… Read More



Kroger Makes Heroin Overdose Kit Available Without Prescription

from Good News Network

The Kroger Co.'s Cincinnati-Dayton Division announced Friday that it will make opioid overdose reversal medicine Naloxone available without a prescription at its 84 pharmacies in Ohio and 16 pharmacies in Northern Kentucky starting Monday… Read More



L.A. Public Schools Will Now Be ‘Safe Zones’ Where ICE Can’t Get To Immigrant Students

by Bryan Dewan, Think Progress

The second largest public school district in the United States is taking a stand against immigration raids… Read More



Instead of Evicting City Farmers From His New Land, Owner Sows Amazing Goodwill

by Terry Turner, Good News Network

Even though they had been using land that didn’t belong to them, a handful of elderly urban farmers must have been cultivating a crop of goodwill –because they harvested a gift of 8 acres of new land… Read More


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