Good News Headlines 2/19/19

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Students from the Youth Strike 4 Climate movement at a protest in Parliament Square, Westminster, London.


Youth Strike 4 Climate: Thousands Of UK Students March For The Planet

by Chris Harris, Euronews

Thousands of pupils are swapping pens for placards as the student climate protests sweeping Europe reach the UK… Read More



World Health Organization Recommends Reclassifying Marijuana Under International Treaties

by Tom Angell, Forbes

The World Health Organization (WHO) is calling for whole-plant marijuana, as well as cannabis resin, to be removed from Schedule IV—the most restrictive category of a 1961 drug convention signed by countries from around the world… Read More



New Technique Converts Plastic Waste To Fuel

by Prachi Patel, Anthropocene

One strategy to fight plastic pollution is to convert oceans of plastic trash into something valuable. The latest in this approach comes from a team at Purdue University… Read More



Florida Paper Publishes List Of The 1,200 Child Gun Violence Victims Since Parkland: ‘This Is The Real National Emergency’

by Kashmira Gander, Newsweek

The arresting front page and list of names garnered emotional responses on Twitter… Read More



Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Viral Video On Government Corruption Just Made History

by Tod Perry and Eric Pfeiffer, Good Magazine

Over the past year, newly- elected freshman representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) has become one of the most polarizing political figures in American life. But her recent talk about systemic government corruption instantly connected with people across the political spectrum… Read More



Barbie Introduces Dolls With Wheelchairs And Prosthetic Limbs

by Michelle Lou and Brandon Griggs, CNN

Barbie’s new looks could help fight the stigma around physical disabilities. In June, Barbie will debut a doll with a prosthetic leg and another that comes with a wheelchair… Read More



For Every $1 Spent Cutting Food Waste, Restaurants Get Back $7

by Sami Grover, Treehugger

Whichever way you look at it, these numbers make cutting food waste a pretty compelling return on investment (600% ROI to be precise) – so much so that a full 76% of businesses participating in the study recouped their investment in the first year alone, with the figure rising to 89% in year two… Read More



Companies That Sift Through False News Online Are Creating A New ‘Trust Industry’

by Jeremy Hobson, WBUR

Widespread false and misleading information online has given rise to a host of companies and nonprofits offering to sort through the noise… Read More


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