Good News Headlines 2/23/16


Tim Tebow Holds More Than 200 Proms For People With Special Needs

by Erick Fernandez, HuffPost Sports

Former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow and his eponymous foundation held more than 200 proms for people with special needs in 48 states and seven countries on Friday… Read More



UN Distributing Smart, Portable, Solar-powered Water Purification Systems

by Megan Treacy, Treehugger

Developed by Kenneth M. Persson and engineer Ola Hansson from Lund University in Sweden, the so-called Micro Production Centre disinfects and purifies water using UV-LED technology and it features intelligent software and WiFi connectivity for monitoring the machine… Read More



Harvard Square Youth Bridges Gap Between Students And The Homeless

by Adanya Lustig, Spare Change News

Y2Y is officially open for business. The shelter, founded by Sarah Rosenkrantz and Sam Greenberg, welcomed guests into its 22-bed facility for the first time in January… Read More



Boston Police Salute African American Hero

by Roseann Hollywood, Spare Change News

In honor of Black History Month, the Boston Police saluted the first African American to receive the department’s prestigious Medal of Honor earlier this month… Read More



Teen Invents Super Smart Sleeping Bag Made For And By The Homeless

by Elyse Wanshel, The Huffington Post

Emily Duffy, a 16-year-old from Limerick, Ireland, has invented a lightweight sleeping bag that improves the quality of life for homeless individuals… Read More



CT Leads The Way On Fight Against Veteran Homelessness

by Deborah De Santis, The Huffington Post

Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy gave us a taste today of what can be achieved when good government works closely with caring and motivated constituents — the end of veteran homelessness in his state… Read More



U.S. Strikes A Blow Against Slave Labor In The Fishing Industry

by Bo Suh, Good Magazine

This week, President Obama will sign legislation that will effectively ban imported seafood caught by forced labor… Read More



Meet The First Muslim American Olympian To Compete In A Hijab

by Naila Kelani, Good Magazine

Fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad, a Muslim woman from New Jersey, secured a place on the American Olympic team during an event in Athens, Greece, earlier this week… Read More


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