Good News Headlines 2/28/17


Germany Bans Meat At Official Functions To ‘Set A Good Example For Climate Protection’

by Lorraine Chow, EcoWatch

Eating less meat is essential to curbing climate change, which is why Germany’s Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks is only serving vegetarian food at official functions… Read More



An American Artist Is Inking ‘RESIST’ Tattoos For Good Causes

by Erin Gallagher, Global Voices

A tattoo artist in the United States is offering free “RESIST” themed tattoos to anyone who brings him proof of donating $100 or more to charities or organizations “fighting for a better world.”… Read More



A Small City In Iowa Is Devoting 1,000 Acres Of Land To America’s Vanishing Bees

by Sarah Fecht, Popular Science

This spring, Cedar Rapids will seed 188 acres with native prairie grasses and wildflowers. The city’s plan is to eventually create 1,000 acres of bee paradise by planting these pollinator-friendly foodstuffs… Read More



Students Have Designed An Amazing New Afterlife For Our Leftover Coffee Grounds

by Morgan Shoaff, Upworthy

Students from the University of Toronto are using coffee grounds to create an alternative to firewood for women and children in refugee camps… Read More



After Kansas Shooting, More Than $1 Million Donated For Victims’ Families

by Colin Dwyer, WBUR

Less than a week after a man opened fire in a crowded Kansas bar, killing one man and injuring two others, thousands of strangers from around the world have opened up their wallets to comfort the victims’ families… Read More



A ‘Refugees Welcome’ Banner Was Just Unfurled On The Statue Of Liberty

by Penn Collins, Good Magazine

Activists took to one of America’s most enduring icons to publicly fight the anti-immigration doctrines introduced by the Trump administration during its first month in office… Read More



Muslim Fundraiser To Repair Jewish Cemetery Raises $100k

by Mary Emily O'Hara, NBC News

The fundraising page set up by Linda Sarsour of MPower Change and Celebrate Mercy’s Tarek El-Messidi — garnered $20,000 in donations in its first three hours alone, shortly after being launched on Tuesday… Read More



Florida Panther Population Has Increased, FWC Reports

by Rachel LeBar, Orlando Weekly

The overall number increase is good news after the record-breaking effect Florida motorists had on the panther population last year, when a total of 31 panthers were killed by cars… Read More



How Neighbors In Canada Used A Gift Registry To Welcome Refugees

by New Dream, Shareable

Through this incredible effort, this group of neighbors who previously had little-to-no contact with each other has created a sense of community and shared purpose… Read More


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