Good News Headlines 2/4/20

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Earlier this month, Climate Action Movement UM held a demonstration to demand the school divest from fossil fuels. Over the weekend the student body presidents at all the Big Ten universities called on their institutions to divest.


‘This Is History’: Big Ten University Students Unanimously Pass Resolution Calling On Schools to Divest From Fossil Fuels

by Julia Conley, Common Dreams

The Association of Big Ten Students, which passed the resolution, represents more than 500,000 students and 5.7 million living alumni… Read More



The Guardian Ends Advertising From Fossil Fuel Companies Because Of Climate Change

by Kim Bellware, The Washington Post

The Guardian will no longer accept advertising from oil and gas companies and, in doing so, becomes the first major news organization to divest from industries that extract fossil fuels, company executives announced Wednesday… Read More



Oakland Moms Who Occupied Vacant Property To Highlight Housing Crisis Celebrate Unexpected Victory

from Democracy Now

In Oakland, California, a months-long struggle between a group of unhoused mothers occupying a vacant home and the real estate firm that owned it ended with an unexpected offer to purchase the property earlier this week… Read More



Former Colorado Hotel Converted Into Affordable Housing For Homeless

by Alayna Alvarez, The Gazette 

Fusion Studios, formerly a Quality Inn & Suites, will this month begin filling 139 microapartments for individuals and couples who are experiencing or at risk of homelessness… Read More



US Life Expectancy Rose For The First Time Since 2014 As Drug Overdose Deaths Fell For The First Time In Decades

by McKinley Corbley, Good News Network

Americans are rejoicing over a new report detailing how the life expectancy of US adults has increased for the first time since 2014—and it is largely because of a landmark decline in cancer mortality and drug overdoses… Read More



Wildlife Officials Released A Group Of Bighorn Sheep To Land They Haven’t Touched In 100 Years

by Scottie Andrew, CNN

The crowd gathered for the bighorn sheep sendoff in Nevada far outnumbered the 21 animals who galloped out of their pens and into their new habitat. But the small number of sheep could be instrumental in securing the species’ future… Read More



This City Is Banning Natural Gas To Reduce Its Carbon Footprint

by Kaylie Treskin, 1 Million Women

Eliminating natural gas in homes could reduce each household’s pollution levels significantly, and if multiplied by the 90,000 residents of the city this change could have quite a significant impact… Read More



Meet The Author/illustrator Putting Children With Special Needs At The Center Of Her Picture Books

by Kristen Guay, Bay State Parent

It is not easy to find books where children with sensory processing disorder, autism, or other forms of neurodiversity are reflected. But in the Little Senses series, author/illustrator Samantha Cotterill touches on… Read More


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