Good News Headlines 2/5/19


Snatam Kaur, Mantra Singer and Sacred Chant Artist, To Perform At 2019 GRAMMY Awards Premiere Ceremony

from PRNewswire

Snatam Kaur, who has received her first Grammy nomination in the New Age category for her album Beloved in this year’s 61st Grammy Awards, will be performing at the 2019 GRAMMY Awards Premiere Ceremony… Read More



Yet More Proof That Exercise Reduces Depression

by Ilana Strauss, Treehugger

A team from Massachusetts General Hospital used a technique called Mendelian randomization to figure out the connection between physical activity and depression… Read More



170 Foxes Are Rescued From Fur Farm And Given New Home At A Buddhist Monastery

by McKinley Corbley, Good News Network

Animal activist Karen Gifford has spent the last few weeks documenting the rescue initiative in a series of Facebook videos that were shared with her by a woman named BoHe… Read More



The World’s Oldest Nobel Prize Winner, A 96-year-old Physicist, Says His New Invention Will Give Everyone In The World Clean, Cheap Energy

by Hilary Brueck, Business Insider

Ashkin, who’s 96 years old, has turned the bottom floor of his house into a kind of laboratory where he’s developing a solar-energy-harnessing device… Read More



Out-Of-Work Appalachian Coal Miners Train As Beekeepers To Earn Extra Cash

by Jodi Helmer, NPR

In a state that now has the lowest labor-force participation rate in the nation, the long-term decline of coal mining has left West Virginia residents without new options to make a living… Read More



Volunteers Build Beds For Homeless People At Boston Latin

by Jordan Frias, Spare Change News

Hundreds came out in single digit weather to attend the 13th annual Boston Cares’ Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service, held at the Boston Latin School for the third year in a row… Read More



Thrift Stores Are Overwhelmed With Donations, Thanks To Marie Kondo

by Katherine Martinko, Treehugger

Over the past month, thrift stores the world over have been inundated with donations of clothes, books, and home furnishings that have failed the notorious “spark joy” test… Read More


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