Good News Headlines 2/7/17


Conservationists Rally And Kill Bill To Sell Off Federal Land

by Christopher Wilson, Yahoo News

Following backlash from conservationists across the Western states, Rep. Jason Chaffetz announced that he is pulling a bill that would have sold off more than 3 million acres of federal land… Read More



Somerville Rally Marks 30 Years As Sanctuary City

by Cristabelle Tumola, Metro

Immigrant youths, business owners and other members of the community were encouraged to come out to the event by organizers to show support for this status… Read More



Wheaton College Offers Refugee Scholarship In Response To Trump Travel Ban

by Weston Williams, The Christian Science Monitor

The Massachusetts liberal arts college also called on other academic institutions to create similar programs aimed at helping refugees… Read More



Pats Fans Turned Their Team’s Touchdowns Into Funding For The ACLU And Planned Parenthood

by Penn Collins, Good Magazine

While Boston-area sports fans offered unwavering support for their Patriots in Super Bowl 51, many were left conflicted by the team’s ties to the Trump presidential campaign and current administration… Read More



A 10-Year-Old Developed A Remarkably Complex Device To Keep Babies From Dying In Hot Cars

by Penn Collins, Good Magazine

After hearing that a little girl a few towns over had died after being left in a hot car, the McKinney, Texas fifth grader got work on designing The Oasis, a mechanism that will not only cool children trapped in hot cars, but alert their parents to the danger as well… Read More



Locked-in Patients Tell Doctors They Are ‘Happy’ After Computer Reads Thoughts

by Sarah Knapton, The Telegraph

In a groundbreaking experiment, four people who were incapable of even moving their eyes, were able to respond with ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers to spoken questions… Read More



Ikea Will Sell Rugs And Textiles Made By Syrian Refugees

by Sarah Begley, Fortune Magazine

The limited run production will create jobs for 200 refugees, most of them women, currently living in Jordan… Read More



Veterans Group Hits President Hard With This Ad Featuring A Weightlifting Wounded Warrior

by Penn Collins, Good Magazine

Vote Vets, a group advocating the rights and issues facing military veterans has unleashed a powerful, direct video that doesn’t mince words when it comes to their thoughts on the early policies of Donald Trump’s presidency… Read More



How Somali Muslims Are Raising A 10,000-Person Anti-Hate Army

by Christopher Zumski Finke, YES! Magazine

The large refugee community in Minnesota is a big target for bigotry, and tensions are expected to get worse. But they’ve got a plan… Read More



Easy Intervention Proves Effective In Reducing Suicide Among Soldiers

from Good News Network

Suicidal behavior among active-duty service members can be reduced for up to six months with a relatively simple intervention that gives them concrete steps to follow during an emotional crisis, according to a new study… Read More


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