Good News Headlines 3/1/16

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Taiwan Just Elected Its First Female President, And She's A Total Badass.

by Jared Jones, Upworthy

Tsai’s win makes her one of around two dozen or so female world leaders currently holding office… Read More



Cuba Helps America With Lung Cancer Vaccine!

by Kinsley Ryan, Bipartisan Report

In clinical trials conducted in Cuba, most patients with advanced lung cancers who received the vaccine lived two to four months longer than those who didn’t receive it… Read More



Mass. Senate Passes Pay Equity Act

by Reenat Sinay, Spare Change News

Massachusetts made strides toward gender equality as a bill aiming to close the pay gap between men and women was passed recently by the state Senate… Read More



Ontario Commits $100 Million To Curb Violence Against Indigenous Women

by Good News Network

Queen’s Park will commit $100 million in new funding to tackle violence against First Nations women… Read More



Man Leaves $3 Million Fortune To Create New Animal Rescue Farm

by Terry Turner, Good News Network

He was an animal lover who had a dog, six cats, seven chickens, and a parakeet. Now, the Ohio man who had no family has left his three-million dollar fortune to animals who are haven’t been at all fortunate… Read More



After Two Centuries, Atlantic Salmon Return To The Connecticut River

by Terry Turner, Good News Network

For the first time since the American Revolution, wild Atlantic Salmon are spawning in the Connecticut River… Read More



Afghan Boy With Plastic Bag Jersey Gets The Real Thing — From Lionel Messi Himself

by Dominique Mosbergen, The Huffington Post

A 5-year-old soccer fan captured the world’s attention — and plenty of affection — last month when photos of him playing his favorite sport in a plastic bag jersey went viral… Read More



This Maryland Guy Is Making Money On Food Waste, While Also Feeding The Hungry

by Brian Barth, Modern Farmer

“We sell ugly fruit,” says Lutz, beaming like a used car salesman, in the first five seconds of a promotional video for his company, Hungry Harvest… Read More



Rhode Island Proves We Can Save On Health Costs Without Harming Low-Income People

by Thomas Huelskoetter, Think Progress

Rhode Island is proving that it’s possible to save money on health costs without harming the impoverished people who rely on the social safety net… Read More



Eric Holder: It’s Time To Talk About Decriminalizing Marijuana

by Aaron Rupar, Think Progress

In a newly published PBS “Frontline” interview, former Attorney General Eric Holder comes out in support of reclassifying marijuana from a Schedule I substance — a classification reserved for dangerous drugs that have no medical use — into a less restrictive category… Read More


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