Good News Headlines 3/12/19


Yelp Will Now Tell You Which Businesses Are Owned By Women So You Can Support Them

by Heidi Lux, Good Magazine

There are more than 11.6 million female-owned businesses in the U.S. Now, it’ll be easier to support them thanks to a little help from Yelp… Read More



Hypertension Study Based In African-American Barbershops Honored By Clinical Research Forum For Saving Lives

from Good Black News

In just six short months, the study – first published in the New England Journal of Medicine and led by the late hypertension expert Ronald G. Victor, MD – improved the outcomes and control of high blood pressure in more than 60 percent of participants… Read More



Clinical Research Begins On Cannabis Inhalers In Israel Offering Immediate Pain Relief To Cancer Patients Who Can’t Smoke

from Good News Network

This new method of delivery will increase accessibility for cancer patients who are treated with long-term pharmaceutical cannabis (such as sublingual tablets), and those suffering from acute cancer pain who prefer to avoid smoking cannabis… Read More



Scottish Study Brings Hope Stem Cells Can Restore Sight

by Jane Cassidy, The National

New research by Edinburgh University has brought hope that millions of people who have lost their sight could ultimately have their vision restored using stem cells taken from the eyes of organ donors… Read More



A Trainer On The Autism Spectrum Wanted A Place For People With Autism To Work Out, So He Opened His Own Gym

by Benjamin Naughton, CNN

Fleming graduated from the University of Alabama with bachelor's and master's degrees in exercise science. While working as a Special Olympics volunteer, he learned of a disturbing fitness problem for many of the participants… Read More



Made From Microalgae, These Mardi Gras Beads Are Biodegradable

by David A. Taylor, Smithsonian

Louisiana State University molecular biologist Naohiro Kato is confronting plastic pollution one necklace and doubloon at a time… Read More



Meet The Muslim Family Who Looks After A Jewish Synagogue In India

by Nina Strochlic, National Geographic

More than half a century ago the pews of Kolkata’s stately synagogues were filled with members of a thriving Indian Jewish community. Today, the congregants are missing—less than two dozen remain—but multiple generations of Muslim families continue to maintain the houses of worship… Read More


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