Good News Headlines 3/15/16


Obama Blocks Sale Of Sacred Apache Land To Foreign Mining Firm

by Colin Taylor, Occupy Democrats

Arizona Tea Partiers are furious with the government after their heinous plot to sell off Native American sacred land to be plundered for corporate profits was foiled by President Obama… Read More



Japanese Researchers Discover Plastic-Eating Bacterium

by DJ Pangburn, Good Magazine

While Japanese designers recently created a seaweed-based alternative to plastic packaging, another group of Japanese researchers were busy discovering a novel bacterium that can eat plastic… Read More



Ohio Judge Delivers Big Win To Bernie Sanders And His Youngest Supporters

by Emily Atkin, Reader Supported News

It doesn’t happen very often: You’re in the middle of protesting, and then, suddenly, you learn that you’ve won… Read More



Environmental Policies Are Good For Business And Innovation, Study Says

by Alejandro Davila Fragoso, Think Progress

Environmental policies are often vilified as economical agents of destruction. But a new study is challenging the idea that curbing pollution hurts business to the point of stifling export trade… Read More



Illinois May Become The 6th State To Get Rid Of ‘Tampon Tax’

by Tasbeeh Herwees, Good Magazine

In an effort to reverse the effects of rampant institutional sexism that have robbed women of their dignity and agency for hundreds of years, people around the United States are rallying against the much-maligned “tampon tax,” a tax on period-management products, which are legally classified as “luxury goods.”… Read More



How Legal U.S. Weed Is Putting Dent In Mexico Cartel Profits

by Christopher Ingraham, The Cannabist

Border seizures are down as growers try to compete with both quality and prices of marijuana in the United States… Read More



Gordon Gekko For Bernie: Inspiration For “Wall Street” Villain Endorses Sanders For President

by Kali Holloway, Alternet

Julian Edelman says the U.S. economy will perform best under a Democratic Socialist, and it's not even close… Read More



Rainforest Activists Just Scored A Big Win Against One Of Pepsi's Closest Business Partners

by Reynard Loki, AlterNet

The move over palm oil sends a powerful message to investors: unethical companies pose too great a risk… Read More


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