Good News Headlines 3/21/17


Why Bernie Sanders Is The Most Popular Politician In The United States

by Les Leopold, Alternet/Salon

Bernie Sanders has the highest approval rating of any politician in the country with 61 percent approving, while only 32 percent disapproving, according to a March 15 Fox News poll… Read More



World’s First River Given Legal Status As A Person

by Lorraine Chow, EcoWatch

On Wednesday, New Zealand Parliament passed the Te Awa Tupua Bill which states that the river is “an indivisible and living whole,” making it the world’s first river to be given this special designation… Read More



Two Premiere Manhattan Restaurants Debut Impossible Foods’ Plant-Based Burger

by Joey DeMarco, Food Tank

This burger looks, handles, smells, cooks, and tastes like ground beef from cows, but it’s made entirely from plants, with a much smaller environmental footprint than meat from animals… Read More



Vancouver Bans The Use Of Dolphins And Whales In Aquariums

by McKinley Corbley, Good News Network

In a unanimous vote conducted by the Vancouver park board, dolphins, beluga whales, and other cetaceans are banned from being held in captivity for entertainment or research purposes… Read More



This Powder Is Cleaning Drinking Water All Over The World And Transforming Lives

from Upworthy

The purifying packets are about the size of a teabag, and they have a shelf life of three years, meaning that it is easy to stockpile them in places that need them… Read More



Julia, A Muppet With Autism, Joins The Cast Of ‘Sesame Street’

by David Folkenflik, NPR

For the first time in a decade, the classic children’s television show Sesame Street will introduce a new Muppet on the air… Read More



Students Spend Spring Break Volunteering To Install Solar Panels

by Anabel Munoz, ABC7

Dozens of college students across the country are giving up their spring breaks to help install solar panels for low-to-moderate income families… Read More



Canadian Teacher Wins $1M Prize For Her Work In A Fly-In-Only Village In The Arctic

from Sunny Skyz

Maggie MacDonnell, praised for “changing the lives of her students and transforming her community,” was among 10 finalists chosen from 20,000 nominations and applications from 179 countries… Read More



Texas Woman Helps Homeless Man Build A New Life

by Jennifer Earl, CBS News

She cooked meals, washed clothes, helped him set up appointments with a mental health professional and welcomed him into her home… Read More


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