Good News Headlines 3/25/15

Don Ryan / Associated Press
Oregon Gov. Kate Brown signs a voter registration bill.


Bucking Nationwide Trend on Voting Rights, Oregon Becomes First State to Make Registration Automatic

by Sarah Lazare, Common Dreams

New bill signed Monday means that any eligible voter who does business with the Department of Motor Vehicles will be automatically registered…  Read more



5 Myths About Health Care We Believe

by David Goldhill, Mother Earth Living

Debunking the many myths we believe about health care, author David Goldhill will change the way you think about one of our most pressing national problems…  Read more



A Movie Went Behind the Scenes and Now SeaWorld Is Just Trying To Stay Afloat

by Robby Berman, Upworthy

People love orcas, but things have changed since they learned the real cost of seeing them perform…  Read more



Why This Maine Teacher Received The World’s First Global Teacher Prize

by Alexander LaCasse, The Christian Science Monitor

Through her 41 years of teaching, Nancie Attwell has learned the best way to make children take charge of their educational futures…  Read more



GMO Labeling Bill Gets Another Shot in Rhode Island

Organic Consumers Association

A bill has been introduced in the Rhode Island Legislature that would require labeling of any genetically-engineered ingredients in food consumed by humans…  Read more



Fast Food Workers Win in Court; $15 Law Remains in Full Effect

by Working Washington/Common Dreams

A federal judge has ruled against a franchise lobby group and declined to issue an injunction against Seattle’s $15 minimum wage law…  Read more



These Colleges Stopped Investing in Fossil Fuels — One Year Later Their Endowments Are Doing Just Fine

by A.C. Shilton, Yes! Magazine

Colleges argue that divestment is not financially responsible—but those who’ve already done it say the risk is minimal…  Read more


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