Good News Headlines 3/27/18


An Important Win For The World’s Largest Tropical Wetland

from World Wildlife Fund

The world’s largest tropical wetland notched an important win today with new commitments that require sustainable development of the Pantanal, a 42-million-acre wetland that touches three countries… Read More



Boston Nonprofit Creates Tool Kit To Help Student Activists Stop Gun Violence

by Kristin Toussaint, Boston Metro

Stop Handgun Violence is helping teenagers contact elected officials and pass ballot measures in an effort to end gun violence… Read More



Tens Of Thousands Of Protesters Gather On Boston Common For ‘March For Our Lives’ Rally

by Carrie Jung, Max Larkin and Lisa Creamer, WBUR

The Boston demonstration against gun violence was among hundreds of protests taking place across the U.S. Saturday in the wake of last month’s school shooting in Parkland, Florida, that killed 17 people… Read More



Wikipedia Often Overlooks Women In History — So A Team Of Volunteer Editors Are Making Their Stories Heard

by Lara Nicosia and Tamar Carroll, Good Magazine

Movements like #MeToo are drawing increased attention to the systemic discrimination facing women in a range of professional fields, from Hollywood and journalism, to banking and government… Read More



Utah Passes First-Ever Free Range Kids Bill

by Katherine Martinko, Treehugger

The new bill recognizes that it is not neglectful for parents to allow kids to have some independence… Read More



L.A. Lawmakers Pledge 222 Units For Homeless Residents In Each District

by Emily Alpert Reyes, Los Angeles Times

The Los Angeles City Council pledged Tuesday to support a minimum number of housing units for homeless people in each of the districts they represent… Read More



This City Bench Absorbs More Air Pollution Than A Grove Of Trees

by Trevor Nace, Forbes

London is the latest city to gain a city bench with the ability to absorb as much pollution as a small forest. The vertical garden, which doubles as a bench, is Green City Solutions’ CityTree… Read More



Music As Medicine: Potential Cure For PTSD In The Military

by Good News Network

Music therapy has been proven to be effective in treating numerous medical disorders such as amnesia, heart disease, stroke, and dementia… Read More


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