Good News Headlines 3/29/16

Photo by Mark Fischer


Nigerian Army Rescues More Than 800 Boko Haram Hostages

from Good News Network

Nigerian troops have freed more than 800 people held by Boko Haram militants in the country’s northeast, the army said Thursday… Read More



Armani Pledges To Go 100% Fur Free

from EcoWatch/People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

In a remarkable victory that PETA and animal advocates have spent years working to achieve, the Armani Group has announced that it will no longer use animal fur in any of its products starting with the 2016 fall collections… Read More



50 Years After War, Local Vietnam Veterans Officially Recognized

by Keith Bedford, The Boston Globe

On Monday, John Wilkinson was one of about 60 Boston-based veterans recognized for serving in the Vietnam War. The event was part of the national Vietnam War Commemoration, which was launched in 2012… Read More



Maryland To Become First State To Ban Bee-Killing Pesticides For Consumer Use

by Lorraine Chow, EcoWatch

In an effort to curb its plummeting honeybee population, Maryland is about to become the first state in the nation to pass strict restrictions on neonicotinoids for consumer use… Read More



Businesses Are Joining The Fight Against North Carolina’s Anti-LGBT Law

by Mollie Reilly, The Huffington Post

Companies are taking a stand against North Carolina’s new anti-LGBT law, which Gov. Pat McCrory (R) signed on Wednesday… Read More



In A Remarkable Triumph Of Democracy Over Corporate Power, GMO Labeling Has Finally Arrived In The U.S.

by Andrew Kimbrell, AlterNet

Over the course of just a few days, several major companies have announced they will label GE products, including Kellogg’s, ConAgra, Mars and General Mills. Earlier this year, Campbell’s announced it would label… Read More



Rockefeller Family Charity To Withdraw All Investments In Fossil Fuel Companies

by Rupert Neate, The Guardian

A charitable fund of the Rockefeller family – who are sitting on a multibillion-dollar oil fortune – has said it will withdraw all its investments from fossil fuel companies… Read More



Researchers Discover A Crazy-Simple Way For Kids To Fight Obesity, And It's Not About Eating Less

by Reynard Loki, AlterNet

Children in America are steadily getting more and more obese, but a new study shows that making water fountains more available in schools can help children keep the pounds off… Read More



Obama’s Popularity Is Spiking — Further Destroying The GOP’s Chances Of Saving Its Sinking Ship

by Simon Maloy, Salon

Republicans argue that Barack Obama is a uniquely disastrous president, but his approval rating is on the rise… Read More



Georgia Governor Says He Will Veto Religious Exemption Bill

by Kathleen Foody, Associated Press/Reader Supported News

Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal on Monday said he will veto legislation shielding opponents of same-sex marriage, after a groundswell of opposition from companies threatening to boycott the state if it became law… Read More


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