Good News Headlines 3/5/19


US Lake Wins Its Own ‘Human Rights’ In Landmark Ruling

by Hugh Morris, Telegraph

Residents on the shores of Lake Erie, the 11th largest lake in the world, have voted in favor of handing the body of water the same legal rights as a human being in potentially revolutionary legislation… Read More



These 18 Developed Countries Have Passed Policies to Cut Carbon Emissions; New Study Says It’s Working

from Good News Network

An exciting new study shows that efforts to cut CO2 and tackle climate change in developed countries including the UK and US are beginning to pay off… Read More



3D Printing Grows Up, Heals Wounds By Printing Skin

by Melissa Breyer, Treehugger

Scientists have created a mobile bioprinter that when filled with a patient's cells, prints skin directly into a wound… Read More



Another Massive Meat Company Goes Big On Plant-Based Eating

by Sami Grover, TreeHugger

ABP Food group makes most of its money from beef. Now it’s launching a plant-based protein brand… Read More



Just Dye It: How This Apparel Company Is Developing Water- And Chemical-free Textile Tinting

by Lauren Phipps, GreenBiz

When it comes to fashion, water is no drop in the bucket. Conventional textile dyeing uses anywhere from 25 to 40 gallons for every two pounds of fabric… Read More



Fifth Graders Launch Their Own Kindness Club at School – and Bullied Kids Are Already Benefiting

from Good News Network

The kids at Parker Elementary School started a Kindness Club last year, and observers say it’s having a positive impact on classroom culture… Read More


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