Good News Headlines 3/6/18

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California Gets Serious In The Fight Against Plastic Microfibers

by Katherine Martinko, Treehugger

New legislation would require polyester clothing to have a label warning about shedding in the wash… Read More



Northeastern Professor Creates New Way To Help Cities Recover From Disasters

by Kristin Toussaint, Boston Metro

Northeastern Professor Ozlem Ergun has a new tool to prioritize recovery efforts after a city is hit by an earthquake, hurricane or other disaster… Read More



3,000 Jews And Muslims Sign Up To Learn A Song Together–The Result Is Perfect Harmony

from Good News Network

There’s more than enough doubt as to whether peace will ever be possible in the Middle East, but this video could inspire naysayers with some much-needed hope… Read More



Iowa Player Intentionally Passes Up School Record To Honor Fallen Legend

from CBS News

Jordan Bohannon's tremendous 3-point shooting – and the respect he showed in preserving a record held by Iowa legend Chris Street – gave Hawkeyes fans a rare reason to smile at the tail end of a dismal season… Read More



‘This Is All Stolen’: Canadian Man Offers To Share His Land With First Nations

by Ashifa Kassam, The Guardian

Joel Holmberg was appalled by vitriol against indigenous people. So he invited them to live on his property, rent-free… Read More



Sustainable, Plant-Based Legos Are Coming

by Brett Molina, USA Today

They'll still hurt when you step on them, but botanical elements featured in future Lego sets will be sustainable starting this year… Read More



Canada’s National Parks Are Now Free For All Kids

by Raz Robinson, Fatherly

On top of making national parks more accessible to children, the Canadian government plans to spend $1.3 billion on conservation efforts over the next five years, while also including indigenous communities in decisions pertaining to the expansion of national parks… Read More


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