Good News Headlines 3/8/16


Oregon’s New Minimum Wage Will Be the Highest In The Nation

by Bo Suh, Good Magazine

On Thursday, Oregon set a national precedent, passing a bill that will raise its minimum wage to one of the highest in the country… Read More



Lieutenant Governor Opens Women’s Substance Abuse Program At Taunton State Hospital

by Robert Sondak, Spare Change News

Lt. Gov. Karyn Polito unveiled a new program to help women who have been civically committed for drug treatments avoid going to prison earlier this month, Governor Charlie Baker’s office said… Read More



Couple Opens Their Hearts And Home, Turns Yard Into Homeless Camp

by Elyse Wanshel, The Huffington Post

One act of kindness is improving the lives of 16 people without homes. Kim and Brad Lancaster of Shoreline, a city north of Seattle, have turned their 770-square-foot house and small yard into a homeless camp… Read More



City Takes A Stand Against Treating Homeless Camps Like Crime Rings

by Alan Pyke, Think Progress

In Indianapolis, homeless encampments are now protected from the sudden, destructive approach that so many other cities use to break up unsightly homeless communities… Read More



5th-Graders Ditch Recess For Sign Language Club So They Can Chat With Deaf Classmate

by Kimberly Yam, The Huffington Post

Some of Rhemy Elsey's fellow fifth-graders decided to give up their recess once a week to form an American Sign Language club in order to chat more effectively with their friend… Read More



Millions Are About To Have Access To Free E-books. Thanks, Obama.

by Parker Molloy, Upworthy

More than $250 million worth of e-books are soon going to be available to kids in need — for free. And these aren't just any titles. A handful of major publishers have signed on to the program… Read More



South Dakota Governor Vetoes Discriminatory Transgender Bathroom Bill

by Bo Suh, Good Magazine

Good news for the transgender community: Yesterday Dennis Daugaard, the Republican governor of South Dakota, vetoed a discriminatory bill that would have forced public school students to use bathrooms and locker rooms based on their sex assignment at birth… Read More



Here's What Happened When We Asked Elon Musk About Equal Pay For Women

by Emily Peck, The Huffington Post

Elon Musk is considering reviewing employee salaries at SpaceX to ensure that women and men are paid fairly, the chief executive and founder said at a dinner at a private residence in Beverly Hills last Thursday… Read More



Polar Bear Victory: Court Upholds Federal Protection Of Alaska Habitat

from Good News Network

A federal government plan to protect a vast area of the US Arctic as habitat for polar bears has been upheld by an appeals court. The ruling overturns a previous victory by the state of Alaska and fossil fuel lobbyists opposing the designation… Read More



For The First Time Ever, Refugees Will Make Up An Entire Team At The Olympic Games.

by Erin Canty, Upworthy

Strong swimmers, Sarah and Ysra knew they could make it to land if they had to, so they jumped out of the boat, giving the remaining passengers on board a shot at survival… Read More


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