Good News Headlines 4/1/15

Doug McSchooler/Associated Press


Indiana’s ‘Religious Freedom’ Law Sparks Protests, Boycotts

from NBC News

Hundreds of people gathered outside of the Indiana Statehouse on Saturday to rally against a new law that opponents say could sanction discrimination against gay people…  Read more



Costa Rica Powered Entirely by Renewables So Far This Year

by Tierny Smith, tck tck tck/Reader Supported News

For the last 82 days, Costa Rica has powered itself using only renewable energy sources…  Read more



Obamacare Is Spurring Start-ups and Creating Jobs

by Alex Wayne, Bloomberg

More than 90 new health-care companies employing as many as 6,200 people have been created in the U.S. since Obamacare became law…  Read more



Kenya’s Unique Approach to Rape Prevention Should Have The Rest of the World Taking Note


For years Kenya has faced an epidemic of sexual assault. Here’s what they did…  Read more



Wendell Berry on Climate Change: To Save the Future, Live in the Present

from Yes! Magazine

All we can do to prepare rightly for tomorrow is to do the right thing today…  Read more



Whoops: Indiana’s Anti-Gay ‘Religious Freedom’ Act Opens the Door for the First Church of Cannabis

by Tom Bogging/Raw Story, Alternet

The law puts the state in an awkward position with those who profess to smoke pot as a religious sacrament…  Read more


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