Good News Headlines 4/11/17


A Family Planning Miracle In Colorado: Program Has Teen Births And Abortions Drop By Half, And It’s Heading To Other States

by Valerie Tarico, AlterNet

A cascade of benefits follows from reducing unsought pregnancies: better health and education for women, more financial security for families, healthier babies, and less strain on social services dedicated to helping families with lower incomes or wealth… Read More



Reebok Aims To ‘Grow’ Plant-Based, Sustainable Shoes Out Of Cotton And Corn

by Kristin Toussaint, Boston Metro

The new line, which may eventually be completely compostable, is part of a growing trend among manufacturers to be more environmentally friendly… Read More



Candlewick Press, Girl Scouts Of Eastern Massachusetts Partner To Build Strong Women

from Bay State Parent

Candlewick Press and Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts are partnering on April vacation and summer camp programming that uses acclaimed books featuring strong, independent girls to nurture Girl Scouts’ confidence and love of reading… Read More



How One Boston Teacher Is Building Self-Esteem With A Song

by Tonya Mosley, WBUR

Many of her students have come back to the school after graduation to thank her for helping them feel good about themselves… Read More



Desalination Breakthrough Turns Seawater Into Drinking Water

by Chris McDermott, EcoWatch

The ultimate goal is to create a filtration device that will produce potable water from seawater or wastewater with minimal energy input… Read More



The Washington Post Just Became The First Major Newspaper With Women Covering Every Sports Beat

by Anya Alvarez, Good Magazine

While sports have the power to create barrier-breaking diversity, sports journalism has remained immune… Read More



Judge Orders Chimp To Be Freed From Zoo Enclosure In Historic Ruling

by McKinley Corbley, Good News Network

Animal rights advocates have long fought for the freedom of Cecilia the chimp – and now, she may finally be granted access to a better life… Read More



Record-Breaking Female Astronaut Defies Odds Yet Again

by Kate Ryan, Good Magazine

Peggy Whitson is no stranger to defying steep odds. As a NASA astronaut, she’s broken several records as the first woman to command the International Space Station… Read More


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