Good News Headlines 4/14/15

©Robert van Waarden


8 Striking Portraits of People in the Path of Canada’s Mega Tar Sands

by Kristin Moe, Yes! Magazine

When photographer Robert van Waarden heard about Transcanada’s Energy East project—a tar sands pipeline that, if built, would be the longest such pipeline in the world and would exceed the capacity of Keystone XL by about 30 percent—he did what he knew how to do: he took pictures…  Read more



Whales, Dolphins Get a Life-Saving Break from Navy’s Sonar Games

by Miyoko Sakashita, The Huffington Post

A federal judge this week invalidated a plan allowing the U.S. Navy to conduct dangerous and disruptive war games that the government admitted would cause about 9.6 million instances of harm to marine mammals over five years…  Read more



Lowe’s to Stop Selling Neonic Pesticides Linked to Bee Deaths

NBC News

The home improvement chain announced on Thursday that it would phase out products containing neonic pesticides over the next four years…  Read more



Montana House Republicans Break Ranks to Pass Medicaid Expansion

by Cristina Maza, Christian Science Monitor

A contentious legislative battle in Montana ended this week, after the state's GOP-controlled House voted to accept federal funding to expand Medicaid to the working poor – a feature of the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, that Republicans had vigorously opposed…  Read more


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