Good News Headlines 4/17/18


New Zealand Bans All New Offshore Oil Exploration As Part Of ‘Carbon-Neutral Future’

by Eleanor Ainge Roy, The Guardian

The New Zealand government will grant no new offshore oil exploration permits in a move that is being hailed by conservation and environmental groups as a historic victory in the battle against climate change… Read More



Amid ‘Black Panther’ Craze, African Clothing Retailers Marvel At Sales Boost

by Zeninjor Enwemeka, WBUR

“Black Panther” has smashed records at the box office. It’s now the highest grossing superhero movie ever in the United States. It has also sparked a boom in African clothing… Read More



Mass. Lawmakers Once Again Take On NRA In Push To Pass ‘Red Flag’ Law

by Anthony Brooks, WBUR

Although Massachusetts has some of the toughest gun control laws in the country, gun safety advocates want to make them even stricter… Read More



This Inspiring Project Aims To Bring Clean Water To A Million Kids In Kenya

by Maxwell Williams, Good Magazine

According to Charity: Water, around 40% of Kenya’s 48 million people drink and bathe with water from unclean sources like ponds, shallow boreholes, and rivers… Read More



Tammy Duckworth Makes History As The First Sitting U.S. Senator To Give Birth

by Tod Perry, Good Magazine

Duckworth also made history in 2012 when she became the first disabled woman elected to U.S. Congress… Read More



Iceland Supermarkets To Ban Palm Oil In Own-Brand Products

from BBC News

Iceland said growing demand for the oil was devastating tropical rainforests across southeast Asia… Read More



This Florida Teen Just Planted 400 Trees To Save Florida’s Coastline

by Joanna Prisco, Global Citizen

Theo Quenee, an 18-year-old Miami native, first spotted the uprooted mangrove seedlings scattered throughout his neighborhood after the storm… Read More



Hawaiian Airlines Educates Visitors About Reef Health On Flights Inbound To Hawaii

from Hawaii News Now

There’s a new effort aimed at protecting Hawaii’s reefs. The target audience: visitors flying to Hawaii… Read More



When They Couldn’t Afford Internet Service, They Built Their Own

by J. Gabriel Ware, YES! Magazine

In 2016, a coalition of media, tech, and community organizations launched the Equitable Internet Initiative, a project that will result in the construction of wireless broadband internet networks across three underserved Detroit neighborhoods… Read More


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