Good News Headlines 4/29/15

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Supreme Court On The Verge Of Ruling In Favor of Marriage Equality

by Joan Biskupic/Reuters

The U.S. Supreme Court's arguments on Tuesday over same-sex marriage will cap more than two decades of litigation and a transformation in public attitudes…  Read more



11 Things White People Can Do To Be Real Anti-Racist Allies

by Kali Holloway/Alternet

For many would-be white allies there may be questions about how, precisely, to best engage in the fight against white supremacy…  Read more



Court Decision Implies Possible Legal Personhood for Chimps

by Jed Oelbaum, Good Magazine

Two chimpanzees named Hercules and Leo, both unwilling residents of a biomedical lab at Stony Brook University, have been given a chance at freedom—a court decision has granted a writ of habeas corpus to the primates, recognizing them, to an extent, as persons with rights…  Read more



Meet 6 of the World’s Top Environmental Heroes

by Cole Mellino, EcoWatch/Alternet

Representing each of the six inhabited continents, these heroes have won the world’s largest award for grassroots environmentalists…  Read more



Celebrate Screen-Free Week, May 4-10, 2015!

by Campaign For A Commercial-Free Childhood/

Kids, families, schools, and communities swap digital entertainment for the joys of life beyond the screen this week…  Read more



Chipotle Removes All Food Containing GMOs From Its Menu

by Al Jazeera

The Denver-based company is the first major fast-food restaurant chain to ban genetically engineered ingredients…  Read more



Denied! Powerful Industry Groups Get Setback in Effort to Keep Consumers in the Dark on GMOs

by Andrea Germanos/Common Dreams

District court upholds constitutionality of Vermont's GMO labeling law; denies injunction sought by industry groups…  Read more


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