Good News Headlines 4/3/18

Veterans in Murfreesboro, Tenn., enjoy a wheelchair tai chi class; other alternative health programs now commonly offered at VA hospitals in the U.S. include yoga, mindfulness training and art therapy.


To Treat Pain, PTSD And Other Ills, Some Vets Try Tai Chi

by Blake Farmer, WBUR

This idea of going beyond prescriptions — and especially beyond opioids — in dealing with different sorts of pain and trauma has become a focus of the VA nationally… Read More



Dorchester Teacher Honored For Work With ESL Students

by Kristin Toussaint, Boston Metro

Jennifer Dines, a teacher at Lilla G. Frederick Pilot Middle School in Dorchester, is one of five winners in a Born This Way Foundation and challenge focusing on mental health and emotional wellbeing… Read More



Harvard Takes Steps To Become A More Inclusive Campus

by Kristin Toussaint, Boston Metro

After the final report of the school’s Task Force on Inclusion and Belonging, Harvard is dedicating $10 million to hiring faculty who can make the school more inclusive… Read More



McDonald’s Takes Action On Plastic Straws

by Katherine Martinko, Treehugger

Soon, diners will have to request a straw if they want one. And it might be paper… Read More



Mumbai Beach Goes From Dump To Turtle Hatchery In Two Years

by Michael Safi, The Guardian

Hatchlings from a vulnerable turtle species have been spotted for the first time in decades on a Mumbai beach that was rejuvenated in the past two years by a massive volunteer cleanup operation… Read More



Appeals Court Affirms Order To Spill More Water Over Dams To Help Salmon Survive

from EcoWatch

The Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has sided with almost a dozen conservation and fishing organizations, the Nez Perce Tribe and the State of Oregon in their efforts to improve wild salmon and steelhead survival as the fish migrate to the Pacific Ocean… Read More


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