Good News Headlines 4/5/15


Iran becomes 9th Country To Ban Animal Acts In Circuses

by Terry Turner, Good News Network

The country’s Department of the Environment has announced it will no longer issue permits allowing wildlife to perform in circuses, effectively ending the practice in all 31 Iranian states… Read More



British Columbia’s Carbon Tax Has Been So Successful That Businesses Want To Increase It

by Alejandro Davila Fragoso, ThinkProgress

A carbon tax may be a controversial topic in the United States, but in one Canadian province, this eight-year-old policy has been such a success that on Wednesday more than 100 businesses said they support a tax increase… Read More



Obama Commutes Sentences For 61 Convicted Of Drug Crimes

by Michael D. Shearmarch, The New York Times

Ismael Rosa, a salsa singer serving a lifetime prison sentence for drug crimes, had often promised his lawyers that he would sing for them if he ever won his freedom… Read More



The FDA Eases Rules On Abortion Pill To Reflect Actual Medical Science, Increase Access

by Joan McCarter, Daily Kos

Elections do still have consequences even in the last year of a president's term, and President Obama's Federal Drug Administration is proving it. It has approved a change that makes access to the abortion pill less difficult… Read More



Mass. Chosen To Lead National Textile Manufacturing Innovation Hub

by Zeninjor Enwemeka, WBUR

Imagine wearing a T-shirt that’s connected to the Internet or allows you to charge your phone, or even monitors your health and tells you when you might need to see a doctor… Read More



Bull Escapes From NYC Slaughterhouse And Meets Jon Stewart

by Solon Kelleher, The Dodo

When a runaway bull took an unscheduled departure from his slaughterhouse truck, Jon and Tracey Stewart made time to care for the frightened animal… Read More


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