Good News Headlines 5/10/16


100-Year-Old Runner Breaks World Record In Style

by Eric Pfeiffer, Good Magazine

Ida Keeling is 100-years-old and set a world record after winning a 100m race at Pennsylvania’s Franklin Field… Read More



Harvard Moves Against Single-Gender Final Clubs, Sororities And Fraternities

by Fred Thys

Harvard is banning members of unrecognized single-sex final clubs, as well as fraternities and sororities, from leadership positions in student organizations or athletic teams… Read More



Koch Brothers Struggle To Block Climate Action In State Legislatures

by Aliya Haq, Natural Resources Defense Council/EcoWatch

Of the 50 state bills introduced this year to obstruct the CPP, 56 percent already have died… Read More



Co-op Hostel In Greece To Help Integrate Hundreds Of Refugees

by Cat Johnson, Shareable

A proposed cooperative hostel in Greece aims to help Syrian refugees successfully integrate into Greek society… Read More



Transcending Ugly Campaign, London Elects First-Ever Muslim Mayor

by Deirdre Fulton, Common Dreams

Labour candidate Sadiq Khan resoundingly won London's mayoral race on Friday, overcoming an "appalling dog whistle campaign" to become the city's first Muslim mayor… Read More



Strangers Open Arms – And Doors – To Alberta’s Wildfire Evacuees

from Good News Network

The evacuees of Fort McMurray were relieved to receive help from strangers nearby. Ed Saunderson and his wife Sara have hosted close to 40 people, many of them unkown to them, at their home on the shores of Willow Lake since yesterday… Read More



Royally Awesome School Elects Muslim Prom Queen In San Bernardino County

by Elyse Wanshel, The Huffington Post

Inclusivity reigns supreme in one school in San Bernardino County. Zarifeh Shalabi, a devout Muslim, was crowned Summit High School’s prom queen on April 9 in Fontana, California… Read More



Virginia First-grader With No Hands Wins National Handwriting Contest

by Doug Criss, CNN

People may look at Anaya Ellick and see a child who'll have a lifetime of challenges. But a second look at her reveals a girl who's providing a lifetime of inspiration… Read More



Teen Birthrate Hits All-time Low, Led By 50 percent Decline Among Hispanics And Blacks

by Ariana Eunjung Cha, The Washington Post

The birthrate among American teenagers, at crisis levels in the 1990s, has fallen to an all-time low, according to an analysis released Thursday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention… Read More



Quiet Hour Instituted At Grocery Store Is Gift For Autistic Shoppers

by Terry Turner, Good News Network

Imagine a superstore so quiet you could “hear a pin drop.” It’ll be a reality when an Asda store in Manchester, England starts a weekly “quiet hour” for customers with autism and other sensitivities… Read More



These Activists Are Building A Sanctuary For SeaWorld’s Remaining Orcas

by Alejandro Davila Fragoso, Think Progress

SeaWorld has said it plans to keep the 29 orcas it has until they die, but a new nonprofit says it’s creating an alternative seaside sanctuary where rescued or retired cetaceans can live while enjoying an environment as close to their natural habitat as possible… Read More


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